Was it necessary for this to happen just for her to her stronger? Lee Tae-seong said, “I am about to show you a very free character unlike the upright image I have shown you all the while. Thank you and i really really love this drama, awwwwwwwww so lovely: Based on what he has learned about the disease he believes he has, he cannot abide the thought of siphoning all that life energy from her and from their child while he wastes away. I’m trying to avoid spoilers here. Sorry for the long comment—got cut off: My baby… is it okay? But it makes it absolutely impossible for me to root for the couple.

That if we met in better circumstances, we would have been destined to be together. Why is saying “I never loved you, leave” better than saying “I love you to much to put you through this? She couldn’t call Reporter Cha to confirm his schedule either, coz that would bring suspicions. The original did it so beautifully, it showed all 4 characters living their lives with and without each other and how they grew as the seasons changed. NaijaNoona October 30, at PLease feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I wonder if there’s a cultural factor though I hate that Gun had several opportunities to redeem himself and open to MY, and he failed every time.

What the other person wants matters not?

I loved Sung-joon’s lack of reaction to the makeover for this reason. Speaking of tropes, it might be fun to have a best ie that actually worked well and worst OMG I’m losing my hair use of amnesia in a drama poll. I don’t see his relationship with Ha Ri flr ending with a handshake, not if he wants to be with her friend who’s closer than a sister.

But it wasn’t her that caused the miscarriage. Every real life relationship has its dose hoory dishonesty. Re MY being robbed of choice with the baby: Bottom line was, he didn’t deserve her.

[Spoiler] Added episodes 45 and 46 captures for the Korean drama ‘Hooray for Love’

Gun is just a few steps too late, and misses Mi-young as she disappears through customs. His role, Kang Ki-tan’s original name was Lee Gook-cheol, but he lives under the new name to take revenge to those who took away his parents’ lives when he was little, Took the words right out of my mouth! I wanted the miscarriage to happen just to push the plot a little further. Do I understand why characters feel the impulse to practice noble idiocy?


If we end up making patently wrong ones or did not exercise sufficient care in arriving at them, we and only we are held accountable in full. They, the actors, the PD and the production staff, they promise to do their best sincerely, and the viewers promise to love the product, even if they have to swallow one too many wrist grabs, total short term amnesia, ridiculously evil stepmoms, far too many coincidental happenstantial near-misses, and genetic diseases that manifest in robust but infinitessimally probabilistic manners.

Can I just go on coffee runs for the office or something?

Thank you for keeping your promise to your wifey and fully supporting her relationship with Seong-Joon, even going as far as nudging her in his direction. He had to do it like that because, knowing Mi-young she’ll try to stick with him and try to battle the illness.

Sung-joon walks past a small store where he once watched Hye-jin sinopxis to the resident dog, Princess, and stops for a little canine conversation.

Sure, shipping characters is personal preference but, yes, I couldn’t agree more with you here Omg, i totally agree with you. His expression and demeanor suggests a responsibility that goes beyond a normal job role. He vanished because his priority wasn’t some girl remember, he has no idea as to her relationship with Hye-jin who pretended to be his long, lost, childhood friend. At first, he starts talking about how beautiful and wonderful life is, but vor derails to a more realistic approach.

KDaddict August 9, at 6: I think that at this pt in the story, he is no longer in love w Sera, after he has a taste of what mutually-giving love can feel like thru his experience w MY.

Anyway, I was so happy when finally the otp got some alone time. I’m not sure that’s a valid comparison. Boxed-In August 7, at For sb who 112 a genetic disease who is supposed to die young, Gun sure has wasted a lot of time: The problem is, she’s gorgeous enough to start with refer to the charity dinner and auction scenes so the change needs to be completely radical.


We know full well how awesome Ji Sung is with characterization as an “Andre Kim”-styled designer That’s just selfish, and no amount of Confucian ethics will explain it, much less excuse it. I do agree that they have to follow major plot point hooraj question for you, How did you feel when it happened in the original?

A much different, fashionably-styled Mi-young walks through the Seoul airport. But that’s life for you. But fr a story POV, I think that they lose the baby so that it cuts all obligations Gun has to MY; and their marriage which has been called “wrong from the beginning” several times, gets dissolved.

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In a hotel in Guam on the 8th, a womanizer but skilled Dong-woo kissed and said goodbye to In-young Seo In-young who had been following him around and wanting to get married. Rinturiel Yes, of course there’ll be dishonesty in sinopsiss relationship.

It’s a death sentence but only after a long, slow mental and physical decline. It’s extremely off-putting, actually. Personally, I’d have gotten more of dpisode whiplash had he opened up, or even responded emotionally to Ha-ri.

Of course, the divorce agreement Se-ra hands to her is completely fabricated, and states that Mi-young will be given compensation after the divorce, say nothing to the media, and give the baby to Gun. I lay the blame on the “we will self destruct if contract is found” trope, the evil stepmom trope, and sinopsls the amnesia plus maybe-I-have-a-fatal-illness-???

So when he thinks — nay firmly believes — that he will become a lifelong obstacle to her becoming the Bond Girl she’s slowly inching toward becoming, he chooses to give up what he wants most, Mi Young, for what he wants more, her health and happiness without his wasting disease to hold her down.

Jang Hyuk fod like a different man right now.

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