I apologize for the blurry eyes and tired fingers from scrolling down in advance. Episode 3 by Regals. She eventually shows up to the museum and complains that her feet hurt from wearing heels. Even though HY had done so much evil, I was ok. I was touched by this series, thanks for the recap Is he really going to date Dal?

Park are almost twenty years apart, which some people might think is super creepy. Funny that I wasn’t even remotely interested in watching this drama, the characters and story didn’t seem interesting to me. The recap never felt long and was an easy read. You’ve been really dedicated, and honestly, I’ve been so busy that Dramabeans has been the only way I’ve been tracking the kdrama world. Download single links sinopsis. Something that Me Too, Flower! I really ended up liking it. Seorang pramugari datang mendekat.

Ini terjadi setiap saat. Funny that I wasn’t even remotely interested in watching this drama, the characters and story didn’t seem interesting to me.

BS got interested in the Doc’s partner who looks like her dead husband. They step inside and Jae Hee bows to Mom, who holds back tears. Seo Hyo Rim made Dal likeable and I found her cutely amusing for most of the drama. The cold witch needs to taste her own medicine. Hanna N Izzati hanyabloghanna. Horikita Maki as Ashiya Mizuki. He gently advises her to eat slowly. Thank you so much for recapping this drama!

And i hope he won’t use the honorifics when adressing her. Park, I think that Dal was slowly picking up the true love hints when watching Bong Sun’s and Jae Hee’s relationship, like when she notices how Jae Hee changes when talking to Bong Sun or when she sees them in the hospital.

Thank you for the recaps I looked forward to it. Anyway, those actors have a new fan with me.


Depression is an illness that doesn’t vanish like that. And Hwayoung’s potential relationship with her dead husband’s lookalike is sort of creepy. I will be now in serious pitiful withdrawal state.

They are just so adorable and I love them and will miss them and this drama. Further, it addressed accepting vs.

Tempat downoad movies dan drama korea terbaru subtitle indonesia. All the writer kept that right to the very end Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Maybe we’re supposed to think that after finding love with Jae Hee, her depression disappeared, but I don’t buy that. Drama yg sangat lucu, sanggup membuat kita tertawa terbahak-bahak menyaksikan kekonyolan Nagase Tomoya.

Drama Korea Dream High Subtitle Indonesia

Given the low ratings, I’m thankful that this was done at all. Sinopsis Hana Kimi Ikemen Paradise: I really ended up liking it. Sinopsis My Boss, My Hero: She grins like a Chesire cat and pounces on him.

OST Tamra the Island. Download single links sinopsis.

Ya know a show about Dal and Tae Hwa would of been good. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Irma Pratiwi Lppim irma-pratiwi. Jae Hee hangs on to his seat, anxious, fearful, but determined to stay beside her while the storm rages.

Me Too, Flower: Episode 15 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Okada Yoshinori as Ashiya Shizuki. Plus, I want to see my quirky Tae Hwa ahjusshi happy. Hope for better judgemend in future He thanks Jae Hee for looking after his family and tells him that he needs to pave his own road now. But since this drama was so pelajgi, I’ll sinopsls it go His baby face certainly detracted from the drama and Kim Jae Won would have been a better fit age-wise to juggle scenes with Hwa Young, Bong Sun, and Dal.


Episode Terakhir Film Drama Korea Dream High | Last Episode | Episode 16

Hope to still see you around these parts even those you’ve finished recapping the series – and hopefully you’ll make a comeback! For me, Cha Bong Seon is the most memorable female lead I’ve watched xrama Episodes by LollyPip. Bong Sun is a complex character and Lee Ji Ah did a nice job handling her prickly, bipolar personality by adding flashes of vulnerability.

He also advises that Bong Sun should be kept as warm as possible. He eats kimchi now and tells him that he loves him. The room is in the midst of being painted bright yellow, and Jae Hee in his splattered overalls lays his head on her shoulder.

Also, when BS heeled the parking manager, it would have been funny if she fell into a puddle or mud. Thanks for sinopsia recaps! I know this is a belated question but what happened to Dal’s father? As much as I hate her for the evil stuff she done, she deserve to heal like the rest: That is so drream.

I’m actually glad that Hwa Young, while not actually getting a happy ending, gets a hopeful one. It has to be for your own benefit too, huh.

I have to add that Jae Hee didnt give all his money away, he mentions he left enough in the bank to start his new business.

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