Queen Seon Deok said that she is glad to hear of it as she will confer them to cultivate the increase fertile land proportion in their country. The indignant envoys demand to know why they are treated in this manner. Gyebake gives the order to retreat. He says it is BiDam who lost trust because of this secret promise. The doctor says yes. So give him the fan before worse things happen to them.

They are anticipating the Tang envoys to arrive at fort DangHang today. BiDam is followed by a spy. Queen Seon Deok said that this was scheme form the very start. They say the queen will have evidence of his treason. BiDam obeyed my commands and carried out my dirty work. However, if they try anything like this behind his back ever again, whether it concerns her majesty or not, he will personally dispose of them.

YeomJong says the recruitment is taking place in secrecy. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power.

YeomJong opens the letter. Bi Dam tells that no one must learn about this. BiDam’s faction They are outraged at BiDam’s vow. If they cannot place BiDam on the throne, the throne will go to ChunChu. BiDam takes her by the hand and takes her to her bed BiDam: Lord Sueulbu said that now it is time to make a choice.

DeokMan ChunChu holds the feathers over a steaming bowl.

SINOPSIS Queen Seon Duk Episode 1 – 62 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Bi Dam order the hour of Sul, discreetly gather 10 of ministry of Audit officers to form a squad. DeokMan warns ChunChu not to jump to conclusions. The second principle is to not argue over the opponents claims. Queen Seon Deok said that there are some that she has finished korfa it.

They agree that it is about time for BiDam to realize that he must rely on the members of his faction and not on her majesty. He tells a relieved faction that she does not yet know of the contents.


Al Cheon said it was queen to be a gift. Queen eon Deok asked whether the Tang Emperor well being is fair. They decide they must protest the matter to BiDam.

YeomJong confirms and says that it was to align BiDam’s interests with those of his faction while HaJong says there is now only one recourse. We intend to marry. Episode 1 episofe 30 16 Februari – Preman Pensiun mula menemui penonton pada 12 Januari setiap Isnin – Sabtu pukul Until now, We have always considered that the key to seom rested on safeguarding the livelihoods of Our subjects.

Queen Seon Deok said it is not. Tell me……Who is it?

Ha Jong agrees that they must finds a method of way immediately to have contact with the tang emissary. Lord Jujin said that the report was send by the Governor of Gurahwa County that an unmanned ship float into the harboured in Sapo carried a chest Sapo is Taehwa River is a 46 km river that flow to Ulsan bay into the Sea of Japan Gurahwa county in formerly Ulsan Queen Seon Deok has to sit down in a thud over the matter as she said that the ship in Gurahwa county has an unmanned ship that float to the harbour carry a chest.

One of the recruits is sent to a mine. The courier went in 6 cheok is approx. ChunChu says this is high treason. YeomJong returns the letter to the courier and tells him to deliver it to the proper recipient.

The commandant shouts that the arrow are coming from that direction as Gyebaek wonder how can they reach the distance. Go Do shouts that there is smoke over there. BiDam tucks her in BiDam: Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil.

The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 28

Hwang Yun asked the miner to come follow him as they need to go to a location. Since you bound me, I must now bind you. Wyol Ya thanked 588 Seon Deok with gratitude. In that case, war will continue and the power of the throne will continue to increase, and the power of the nobles will weaken.


The Great Queen Seondeok Episode 28

JoWon Jeon The indignant envoys are lead into detention. BiDam is followed by a spy. I knew you would be sitting here like this. He is the first one to betray them. YuShin and Gyebaek still fight. About Me sapphire blu Don’t let the aeon take away our present. Gyebaek rides away as he met with the reconnaissance team to say that it is fortunate there is no ambushed in front.

Guk San Heun said but however the numbers are massive by now they has recruit over a thousand. YuShin and Gyebaek resort to bare fists.

BiDam will not give up her majesty, nor will he give up his vow. Kim Chun Chu looks rather steadfast in his perspective Bi Dam asked Yeom Jong whether he finally deployed the troops able to help them, for contingency. Queen Seon Deok ask whether he has any knowledge in regards to this plume fan.

Silla court is outraged DeokMan calls AlCheon. Time and tide waits for no man. The crow’s feather fan reveals a compact whereby the Tang envoys will proclaim the impossibility of a woman king to the Silla court and in return Silla will provide troops in Tang’s war against Goguryo. The court await for this mysterious document.

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