Under the watchful eyes of Sogyeokseo officials, the King continues to be confined to the Palace, offering prayers for the lifting of the plague. Sir Min begs her not to try any dodgy operations as this is taboo in Joseon. Ok Nyeo tries to meet the Queen Mother and tell her about the fabricated plot, but she fails. Jang-Geum is becoming an excellent cook but she still retains her wild nature — disobedient and energetic. One evening the king passes by and notices her. Chinese characters are pictograms.

After analyzing the characters,the abbot says the the characters are the virtues of a woman. The Queen Mother dies. The court is in panic now that the king is sick. The main goal of the process before the court at the time was not to prove the guilt of the accused, which was presumed, but rather to obtain his confession. But Man Bo has been targeted for assassination by a new prisoner named Tae Won. Summary for the first Five Episodes , Uncategorized. They end up becoming a couple and have a daughter, Jang Geum. So jang-geum says nothing and she is jailed inside a room until she will talk.

Jung Nan Jung falls completely for the scam, losing 10, nyang in the process. Through him, Lord Yoon sends an urgent message to the Queen Mother. Later, xrama orders his bodyguard to bring Tae Won to him. She hurriedly tells the Queen Mother about it. Yet initially, the King did not execute her as she was mother to the Crown Prince Yeonsangun who would later became the worst tyrant king in Korean history.

Geum-Young presents the dish of precious meat to the king. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The officials complain again so in frustration the king moves her up to a level 6 and Sir Min is told to deliver the message.

While busy in her work, a few drunks starts harassing her.


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Duk Gu and his wife discover the meaning of the bad luck charm. Shin-Bi and Jang-Geum find out the palace episod who are being treated by Yuh-Ri never received the medicines she took from the scholar. In the scene where Lord Yoon and Jung Nan Jung are being exiled, the lady tavern owner urges the crowd to stone them Jang Geum gives Duk Gu a moxa treatment.

Ok Nyeo uses the money to buy rice for the prisoners. Lady Han is dragged away by guards but Jang Geum begs him to eat the healthy food. Lady Kim sent some one to take Jang-geum to the palace.

So after eating the soup she gets a fever just like the king did — only due to the abalone. Elements of form and texture Photojournalism The field dept boss gives her a letter to carry with her to drop off at the library on her way back to the kitchen. She suggests using the prisoners as a source of cheap labor for businesses. And the court ladies will judge which eoisode is best.

Sir Min spends lots of time with her and sinopsia her to study and get back to the palace and take revenge! The head guard says she did no such thing and even if she did the matter is not for Lady Choi to be involved in.

Episode 44

Jung Nan Jung is arrested, along with her head merchant and trusted bodyguard. In exchange, the Queen Mother and Lord Yoon must allow the King to place someone of his choice as the head of the Ministry of Government Administration — a powerful office in charge of the three censoring offices.

Why do persistent suitors become passive husbands?

It is so lovely to watch them loving each other and wanting the best for each other. She is taken out of the palace by eunuchs with what looks like a bottle of poison. The queen mother agrees to let Lady Choi be in charge until Lady Jung gets back.


Later on, the Queen Mother finds out that the King has gone incognito again into the city. So our story starts… The Royal Military Guards were having a competition to show their skills. Jang Geum has to go to the plague zone but gets set up by the head lady physician and gets trapped in the quarantine area. I assumed that you will be reading these summaries and watching the videos chronologically.

But then the old court lady dies holding rice in her hand, so they can go back to the palace. Unknown to Ok Nyeo, her former spymaster is observing her meeting. Tae Won tells the Jdwel that Ok Nyeo is his half-sister. The other ministers tell Lord Yoon that they must take matters into their own hands and decide who will succeed the King. The King orders Jung Nan Jung arrested.

Among those arrested is Tae Won. Morea years after the execution, Seo Chun Soo is still haunted by the execution. Choi Pan Sul sees an opportunity to get rid of Jang Geum and Lady Han while they are out pxlace the palace and sends his assassin to follow them.

Sir Min and Jang Geum get surrounded by disgruntled peasants with weapons who are angry that they have been abandoned in the village even though they are not sick.

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