Archived from the original on 8 March Oh I so agree! My first post for December is about, well, non-other than Korean drama. Puberty Medley [1] Hangul: He was actually sleeping and dreaming and the sound of an angry voice woke him up. A coming-of-age teen drama about students at a village high school, it was adapted from the webtoon of the same title written by Kwak In-geun, which was published on Daum WebToon from November 9, to February 29,

When Jung-woo gets curious, she reveals to him that she will be transferring out to Seoul, saddening him. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The results of the licensure examinations are released and Jung-woo is one of the lucky passers, prompting him to continue his career in Namil High School. Thanks to that, he feels closer to Ayeong. After transferring schools seven times, Choi Jeongu learns it is easiest not to make friends nor enemies. Back at school, Ah-young hesitatingly joins her female classmates in playing a paranormal game where they can ask questions to the school ghost. He also keeps on receiving e-mails from his former classmates and acquaintances.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: He’s walking on air, happy that he’s shaking off his cowardly self and maturing a little.

I’ve been indulging myself into many Korean dramas these days. Won-il, who is bitter towards Yeok-ho, enjoys seeing the fight but Young-bok interferes and tries to help. Archived from the original on Archived from the original on 8 March But his nightmare continues when Jung-woo’s father decides not to transfer to Dramma after all and tells his family that they are staying in Namil.

In response, Jung-woo, who is starting to have feelings for her, tells her that it is a secret and kisses her. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by xdolescence.

[Kdrama] ‘Adolescence Medley’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~ | Four Seasons Dramas!

And some other screen caps: It’s a bit embarrassing, but Jeongwu doesn’t mind. Later, Jung Woo pays a visit to the grandpa to see how he was doing. Please make sure the Twitter account is public. This drama is basically about first love and is set in high school in the year and also the present year Dejectedly, he runs away, making him look like a coward.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Written by Taya Anabelle at After transferring schools seven times because of his father’s job, Jung-woo has learned to live like an “invisible man” and is determined not to make friends. Though he can actually handle them all by himself, he rejects in putting up a fight against them, so the gang members beat him up.

Jung-woo, Deok-won, and Yeok-ho’s grandfather luckily arrives at the scene and saves them from getting drowned. Join other followers Sign me up! Yeok-ho, who was attending another boxing training, arrives late at the venue and finds out the Ah-young had come to watch the contest ahead of him, though both of them were not able to see the performance.

[Kdrama] ‘Adolescence Medley’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Jung-woo attempts to stop the fight but is threatened by Won-il, who tells him about a secret relationship between Yeok-ho and Ah-young.

When Ayeong tells him to apologize to Yeokho, Jeongu gets angry and blurts out, “Go out with me. Views Read Edit View history.

At first, Jung-woo does not want to get involved, but he ends up yelling and throwing a bag of snacks at Young-bok, that unfortunately lands on someone else walking along the corridor. The bike has “YW85” written on it.

Yuk Ho pretty much beats the crap out of Jung Woo. Later, being left by the Rainbow gang, Young Bok asks Dok Won why he joined the fight, but Dok Won lies and says that he was doing a delivery and saw the fight. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Turning around, he epjsode with longing at the familiar woman who called him. At school, Young Bok gives Jung Woo and Dok Won a bag of snacks as a thank you for saving him and his younger sister from the river. Since Jeongwu is no longer transferring out, all of his schemes went out the window.


The story starts with our male lead teaching in a class and suddenly we hear bell ringing and an angry voice of a woman.

Drama Queen: Adolescence Medley

Deok-won, draja with Jung-woo, happens to pass by and helps Yeok-ho, whom he realized was actually kind-hearted despite his rough features. Though she considers the song to lack emotion, Ah-young is secretly touched and offers Jung-woo her help in the production of his piece.

Notify me of new comments via email. After transferring schools seven times, Choi Jeongu learns it is easiest not to make friends nor enemies. Jung-woo also receives another threat from Young-bok, making him think of plans on how to overcome the senior bullies.

Now all that’s left is sniopsis sing a cheerful song for her on Medey Singing Contest. Guess what time I sleep every day. Young-bok and Won-il arrive at the classroom just in time to see Ah-young jump from the window.

Kdrama: Puberty Medley Episodes

Jung-woo have never met her again since that time. When Jung-woo gets curious, she reveals to him that she will be transferring out to Seoul, saddening him.

Yeongbok and Wonil epjsode itching to beat up Jeongwu, but Yeokho, who is supposed to fight him, simply smiles knowingly. Shortly, Ah-young spends intimate moments with Jung-woo and gives him her guitar and bicycle, both of which were actually precious to her. The class president and the top student of the school, Yang Ayeong, keeps bothering him to do chores for the class. Ayeong says she wants Jeongu to have it, but he refuses to accept something so precious to her.

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