And about the Japanese dorama, 1litre of tears, that show was so heartbreaking. Its like each writer gets the templated script and has to tweak it. It is very physically draining. Thanks for the recap, JB. The misadventures and romantic entanglements of Kim Sam-Soon, a passionate, stubborn, klutzy, and almost thirty year old pastry chef. Sad ending, or happy?

Ji-hyung finds him in tears and calmly puts a hand on his shoulder, and takes care of Seo-yeon. Upon hearing that Ji-hyung’s parents set the date for his wedding, Seo-yeon splits up with him. I’m so glad that Moon-kwon got to cry with Aunt. Its based on guilt, inflated egos, infidelity, arrogance, self indulgence and lust. But I did wonder at one point if her own marriage was doomed the moment she chose to support her child and her husband had a problem with that. Only two episodes are left, and if the preview is accurate, it’s going to be a doozy.

She had not choice.

Sinopsis ‘A Thousand Days Promise’ All Episodes

With lose of memory, constatation of the worsened of is state I loved that during the labour process, Dramx seemed to have control of her mind. For her Park-Ji will break his engagement,he will fight with his parents,will be near his old girlfriend until the end.

If not for that error, she could have held on longer: I haven’t watch the raw yet so I don’t know if Jihyung is longing for HyangGi or not. Episode 16, best epi for this drama Why would she trust him when he cheated with her.

But she has no time to lament over her painful breakup, as she gets diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’sa very unlikely disease for a year-old woman. And don’t even say the word I have been a blurry, teary-eyed mess through most sinipsis it and am reacting on a purely emotional level.

[MSD] A Thousand Days’ Promise: Episode 18

My grandmother has dementia and slowly going into dementia. I want to die when the cherry blossoms fall. Jae-min comes by and Moon-kwon tells him about what happened, and he finds Ji-hyung just about teetering on the brink.


On the contrary I like the drama and I think its very well written and well acted. Notice that she is no longer hot! This makes me want to wail like a crazy woman.

Ji-hyung assures them that neither of them are doing anything to cause concern, and they grudgingly agree to trust him on that.

Cynthia December 21, at 8: Please thousaand the link in that email to complete the email change process. CutieJamaican December 21, at 6: Your statements also remind me of this time when I used to say strange things to naive people and laugh myself into exhaustion when they actually believe me. I just wanted to confirm it.

Thanks for the recap.

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She could have refused to marry him. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thank you for the recaps. I’m with your girlfriday! Especially at that end stage where what really is left is a eisode of a person’s former self, breathing but continually devoid of life. As soon as I read this comment I knew it was from you, cutiejamaican! But they cannot escape the fact that their relationship began with the stench of infidelity, deception and disloyalty. I can totally buy a next installment where they explore how the child grows up and accepts the circumstances of his birth, reassured or not, in Myung-hee’s case by the family that his birth WAS a gift and should not be regretted.

I am not making this up.

This is a girl who virtually grew up with him. It is very physically draining. Death in this one as hard to accept doesn’t vrama the whole series.


At least now she has had the baby, so they can try to slow the tearkhir. Over analyzing is the keyword man. Jae-min promises to try. I can say all the acting was unbelievable and Su Ae better win something. Cudoes to the writers, PD, set designers and the camera crew for their outstanding work to show the complexity of human emotions and how they work according to the mores of the Korean culture.

It feels unfinished and that in the last stretch of the Seoyeon’s journey we missed out on the important things. Thank you so much for the recap.

Hyang-gi returns to Korea, not thrilled at the prospect of coming home to more constant criticism. The set design is a critical element to the story. I wanted to know how they are surviving this and what small little things they do to keep the memory of Seoyeon alive, especially for the daughter that never got to know her.

It happened, but it didn’t live. She ain’t going to be able to watch a drama to find out that’s for sure. Like you said, Kim Rae Won has really shone here.

Jong-Dae and Yong-Ki make a living by picking up paper and empty bottles. You know how much I like things to be clear, defined. They are not even remotely like those two characters in Please Marry Me which was so poorly written and overacted. I don’t think I can watch the rest only read the recaps.

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