I don’t think HR will be a burden to him or suffocate him or keep him from realizing his dream. Lee Min Ki totally blew me away these last two episodes. I volunteered to be a Ye-liner spy who would engage in espionage in MinHoYoung aka BoHo Ship affairs and throwing occasional shipping gauntlets into the sea. Ye genuinely grew on me by the end of this drama as we got to learn more of his personality. Not gonna lie, I burst out laughing at the Volcano in Vancouver. Equally sad to me, is that in the end, none of that will matter much since this drama has been such a commercial success, contributing hugely to the Korean economy over the months and maybe years , to come. Ye find out about the missing bracelet?

I understand needing some extra time to make sure this is what she wanted, but she could have told Se-hee her plans instead of walking out and then basically manipulating him into confessing. Most countries do it, in the movie or drama, and during the commercial breaks. I guess what I’m also taking from this drama is that because a drama is pre-produced, and has a big budget doesn’t mean that it will be or turn out to be a quality drama through and through. She woke up in the middle of the night and cried in silence. Even though I enjoyed watching Dream High, some of the actors were average at best. She was taking a big chance. He got his wish.

And the cherry deliciosu top for me was finding out that KKB had had a promotion. I felt that Se-hee overcoming his obsession with his house and his mortgage was an important indicator for his character growth. He retreated not only from Ji Ho, never making any effort to stop her from leaving or find her after she left, but also retreated from his apartment and his job.

He’s also basically immortal and getting promotions, so I figure he can survive another few years before he’s the one in charge instead of the one doing the dirty work lol.


We revisit their goodbye scene at the door, where she suggests a parting handshake. I was watching the very tight close up of her face in the coffeeshop scene and wondering what kind of makeup they used to look so good so close.

That wouldn’t feel satisfactory at all, and neither does this fan service ending where the women get it all. Anyway, I don’t regret watching the first ten episodes.

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This is not that amazing show but such a lovely show with lovely couple. I think the writer dropped the ball on this aspect of delicuous show.

Ye is too polished as a character, beside his awkwardness in non-formal situation.

In return, she got nothing from SH. It’s part writing and I think largely to Yu Bi. The writer has done her best not to disappoint the viewers.

I think this is one of the most straight-up feminist dramas I’ve ever watched. Ha, didn’t even see it from that perspective. He wasn’t perfect- I loved that he was an awkward, bumbling mess when it came to people but he wasn’t deterred by it. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

Delicious Proposal

In general Epiisode with Min Ho on this one. And I loved seeing how close they became. Whereas I was vicariously living through Min Ho’s journey. I will cite a DB article below as evidence: Would have been better if it happens around the time when JH was talking to HR in the sauna. I have to say these last episode healed my heart and gave me the ending I wanted. He gets shot repeatedly but just keeps bouncing back up in what to me did echo Hollywood war films such as SVP – yet we all know how unrealistic things are there only to be jarred into reality with Tom Hanks dying at the end and we are left howling at how unfair it all is.


Obviously I looked over all the flaws to love it. She greets Park by his first name, and Sang-gu puts on the spare pink helmet as he takes his seat spisode her.

The genesis of this drama was JH meeting SH at the lowest point in her life.

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She wants it to be like a K-drama with fate, chances, epissode. Nevertheless, this last episode wasn’t terrible by any means, it just wasn’t great by the standards this show set for itself.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: It’s just so tiring that people obsessively and exaggeratedly complain about this drama. I understood how scared and confused he must have felt to verbalize those feelings, and seeing them dpisode again made me indescribably happy.

They’ll continue to get better at communication and compromise day-by-day. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. If there is one flaw of this show mentioned by a few beanies in different forms is that everything happens too quickly even by drama-land standards. He obediently hangs his head, until she says that all that thinking of him just made her miss him that much more, and he risks a glance up at her.

Definitely needed, especially in finale week, where the majority of drama writers seem to lose their cool My reaction was like Se-hee’s while they were eating breakfast.

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