The final confrontation was a cook-off between the two camps. This crack down by JTBC sucks. The couples played games and learn how to cook a meal together. Thanks a lot in advance! Where upon both Andy and Min-woo bumped into Leeteuk of Super Junior , on military service as a PR agent, who was at the station on promotional duty with fellow soldier Sangchoo of Mighty Mouth. Eric, making his dish by himself. Where she was teased with a first ranking, only to be told that it was a ranking for the worst looking SNSD member seen in person and they further added that she looked older than her real age.

Eric’s hidden camera continues in an attempt by the members, to get back at him for all his pranks on them over the past 14 years. Min-woo was chosen as the best dressed all round. Kim Dong-wan did not join the group for the filming this segment, due to filming commitments for daily drama Cheer Up, Mr. On 4 June, Shinhwa Broadcast production team apologized on Twitter over issues that arose from the previous episode where Andy was shown to be ‘tortured’ with kisses and excessive groping. Then younger twin Sang-min guessed wrongly that Min-woo and Hye-sung’s soup was his mother’s. Sorry and thank you.

Behind-the-scenes episode of 14th anniversary concert. Shinhwa and the models were split into three groups of two couple each.

Continuing to compete against each other, sometimes in two teams of three, Shinhwa member carried on with the historical dramas theme tasks, e. Girls’ Generation special 2.

Shinhwa Broadcast – Shinhwa Brasil

Legend broadcsat Shinhwa — What is Love? God of MT 1. Download link by Shinhwa Forever. Park Ki-ryang and Kim Yeon-jung, cheerleaders best student: In the new format for the programme Shinhwa members receive private lessons from experts on cellphone game, Anipang.


Shinhwa Broadcast EP 48 [2013.02.17]

In a first for the show, Cristina’s sister-in-law guessed Eric’s and Min-woo’s dishes as the ones with the mother’s touch. On 13 October, the show was given a new timeslot and changed format, from episode 33 on 28 October, it aired on Sundays at MV Cuts eng subbed by Shinhwa Forever.

And the owner of the channel stole their works, turn it into hardsub without crediting them. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Shinhwa members in a new concept for the show learn secret recipes and cooking techniques from mothers. The pre-show features special guest performances by Mighty Mouth and G. I tried the other videos and they look fine.

This is a list of episodes of Shinhwa Broadcast Hangul: It should be 2 episodes for it, but i just found the first one. I searched for the site translated files for Korean programs did not find special shinhwa-broadcast Happy Together program I hope you can help me shred site for translation files Thank you helped me. I really hope if you can help me with their new forum link or please tell them. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

They were tasked with putting on a runway fashion show with the theme of ‘Autumn’, where they have to design their concept, music, lighting, make-up and shop for clothes on a limited budget.

Thanks Crabbielife for your hard work! I dont really understand the requirements.

448 Professionaldubbed ‘Eatilda’. Reblogged this on the dancing pen and commented: Views Read Edit View history. The Shinhwa members reunited with Lee Jung-ryong’s two sons, who previously appeared in the “Children Channel” episodes in season one.


Retrieved 5 March Just find it here and here hehehe P.

Shinhwa Broadcast Ep 48 Ft. SNSD [ENG SUB]~ | SNSD Korean

Notify me of new comments via email. EP 25 is still in subbing process. CUTS by Axerine hard sub: Superhero rescues President’s daughter 2 Special appearance: Some cuts by Axerine: Whose dishes were then judged alongside their teachers’ as the authentic dish with the real mother’s touch.

This episode followed the group as they prepare for their comeback 14th anniversary concert, with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. It seems like they deleted some shinhwa broadcast episodes. Retrieved 21 May Kim Dong-wan did not join the group for the filming this segment, due to filming commitments for daily drama Cheer Up, Mr. To commemorate the Year of the Snake formembers filmed the episode with 50 kinds of snakes, from cute babies to Burmese Pythonincluding ten kinds of rare and exotic snakes.

No episode was aired on 16 Decemberdue to the presidential debates for the South Korean presidential election, Fun Cohabitation parody guests: On the way tries they tried to prank Eric with a hidden camera, for the first time in 14 years. Anyway thanx for collecting the all the vid links here.

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