Ginelle told him that she just making little fussy noises that Ginelle treated with exasperation. The Cool Wazoo website has a ton of cool products, such as personalized pillows. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ginelle Told him that her competitors were the companies that made the single-use product. At that point, Ginelle introduced the Cool Wazoo. Ginelle looks like she was trying to control her expression but failed. Lori looked move 2.

Worst idea ever, period. Laurie insisted the this product would not be the successful one, but that Ginelle would have a successful product in the future. Kevin said that he thought her wonderful Journey would end in tragedy with great men weeping. This is the first time i ever HAD to call one out as total garbage! It actually pains me to say that because i see her passion, but passion for a terrible product is bound to occur after losing so much money on it and putting so much work in. Lori want to know how many cool was as she was able to sell in those 40 seconds of airtime. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Daymond complimented her on those margins, and asked if her husband was supporting her as she made this her full-time job. Kevin interrupted her story, and asked her what she was doing as her daughter was getting burned Ginelle looks shocked and said that she was simply swinging wazooo on the swing that she put her on.

The product was featured for about 40 seconds. He did tell her that it would be a long road. Monday, February 25, Ginelle ignored that, and said that most people liked her product. The two women share an emotional embrace and Lori says they’ll find a way to work things out.

Ginelle looks like she was trying to control her expression but failed. As well as being the swing cover, it was also the restaurant high chair cover the shopping cart cover, the changing pad as well as a car shade. She told the remaining Sharks that she had orders from a Canadian distributor that she signed an agreement with. Lori loves Ginelle, but is on the fence about the product; she goes out.


Mark said that he would need to get a return on the time he would spend to educate her on how to be a good businesswoman. I love everything and everyone, but call a spade a spade. Lori told Ginelle show Kevin the packaging to alleviate the confusion.

She said that it took her two years to design the product and Source the material to qazoo it work. She insisted that this low number was due to her not having any inventory on hand.

The Sharks wanted to know if they it shadk she had shot her daughter with it. This is NOT a good idea. Ginelle jumped up and down, and told Lori that she would accept the deal she held her arms out wide open to hug the Shark.

Her honesty had all of the Sharks laughing.

Cool Wazoo Update – What Happened After Shark Tank – Gazette Review

Robert told her that she was on a wonderful Journey. She went out This left only mark. She has not had one returned yet. Cool Wazoo Cool Wazoo is a multi-purpose, 5-in-1 baby cover that functions as diaper changing pad, restaurant high chair cover, grocery cart cover, car shade, and bucket swing seat insert. She thought that she could have all of those products in one, and include her swing idea.

She pours ccool heart out about what she’s sacrificed to try to build this business. She told Ginelle but she would go back in Because she really liked her. Ginelle laughed and said that she measured the temperature of the swing.

Robert wanted to know if she sgark doing any wholesale business. Mark wanted to know if they refunded the money when she returned the product but Sgark let him know that they did not. Worst idea ever, period. She showed the Sharks her diaper bag, which was filled to the brim with a bunch of different products. Ginelle Told him that she got nothing in return, and blamed it on a change in the format of the show. Ginelle let him know that concerned moms were the people who are buying this product.


By the way, i try to see what happens to products displayed on Shark Tank and encourage the people behind them.

Cool Wazoo: What Happened To Changing Pad After Shark Tank [2018]

He said that his wife uses some of the same products. As Ginelle handed Kevin the package, Mark asked her if they were other competitors. Laurie insisted the this product would not be the successful one, but that Ginelle would have a successful product in the future.

Views expressed on this blog are solely owned by the author individually and not that of Shark Tank Blog or principles of Shark Tank Blog. At that point, Ginelle introduced the Cool Wazoo. I think this is a big ZERO and should be immediately taken off the shelves and trashed.

Way to go Ginelle for convincing anyone in the world at all that they should buy such crap! Daymond wanted to know what happened after that. Her sob story is the same one everyone has. That was when Ginelle had a Eureka moment. Ginelle decided to make one at that point.

The moms worry about germs as well as the heat. Ginelle also said that the cool Wazoo was 5 things in one. Kevin looked on in confusion. There isn’t much in the way of updates on the website or company Facebook page, but that is probably due to Ginelle hitting the Trade Show circuit. Kevin wanted to know if her husband had funded the business at all. Lori said that she thought that Ginelle was great, and then she will find solutions to her problems.

Very sorry to have to call this crap out for what it is. Robert doesn’t want to get involved in Ginelle’s journey; he’s out.

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