Apr 14, Head in the clouds rated it really liked it Shelves: I would love to see another book for today Other books in the series. I was enthralled through the second half of this book and moved to tears more than once, it isn’t really sad just touching. So the last thing he expected was to become a one-woman man. As much as I love Shane, this book is not my favorite. She was a master of disguise. Reading it, it kind of feels like an afterthought even though the subplot is supposed to tie together the history and haunting of the town.

So, if you like fun, sappy romance, you’ll love this series. But there is chemistry and something else. I just can’t pick a favorite because all 4 books were so different and amazing You find a new respect for her. Shane is the youngest brother and a ladies man. I read this a while ago and loved it, so I’m am revisiting it as an audio book.

They were in deed meant to be together But I liked thid couple serle. Nora Roberts is so good at creating moving and wonderful scenarios that just make you hermanow the characters. Of the four MacKade brothers, he is the only one who loves the ranch and wants only to work on it the rest of his life. They were perfect for each other, even if they didn’t have a thing in common.

Always appreciated women of all shapes, sizes and diversities.

Other books in the series. I usually have a hard time with believing that a man such as Shane, unbelievably charming, who genuinely likes women and is affectionate and caring with all of them- would be willing to settle with only one, when he could have so many, and it is mostly the fault of the writing; I realise this now because Nora Roberts made me swoon – oh god I swooned like a fucking Twilight fangirl at Robert Pattinson; and it was so damn romantic.


She is the link that completes the circle and Shane falls hard. What is really going on?

The Fall of Shane MacKade

I’d still have read it because heck, a series unfinished is like half baked bread I loved all of the MacKade books when I first read them years ago, and I still love them today! The brothers were adorable and the ladies who win their hearts were pistols. Maybe I should have started with the first book instead of the end – did I miss something? I would love to see another book for today I don’t know why this annoyed me – but it did.

Hermanks al met al een mooi einde voor de familie MacKade: Want to Read saving…. Emotionally, mackadr suspected some could. I’m so glad I read it. Rebecca is now taking a sabbatical and looks forward to delving into the paranormal whick Shane scoffs at except hermanox the Bed and Breakfast next door which his brother and sister-in-law are currently living until their new home is finished.

Very happy I decided to listen to my niece and take a chance on Nora Roberts Shane is the youngest brother and a ladies man. Shane MacKade loved women. Readers wanted Devlin and Cassie’s story probably more than the rest. It truly is a haunting e This is a cute series. Lists with This Book.

The last book in the series and just as well done as the rest. I look forward This is the first series the MacKades I’ve read by the author Nora Rorberts, and I must say, it’s one of my all time favorite books I’ve read ever. That’s how obsessed I was with this story. It’ s a possibility Anyway hermahos book itself was a let down, the series deserved a better finish.

It amazes m Don’tcha just love it when a book touches you as much as you remember? These images would flash in my mind during dialogue and other intimate scenes I was enthralled through the second half of this book and moved to tears more than once, it isn’t really sad just touching.


The MacKade Brothers Series

Shane at first tries to get a rise out of her but ends up falling hard and finds that Rebecca is not hermmanos and does not react in the manner he thinks she would, like when she sees him talking to another woman, her reaction baffles him. Definitely the best book in the quartet. They are pretty much clones of the brothers in the Chesapeake Bay series and the three brothers in the Boonsboro trilogy – different occupations, same types. Shane is a charmer and a woman’s man.

The heroine Rebecca is Regan’s friend who is interested in the paranormal, something we have seen throughout the series, about the Civil War.

Now I just will be all depressed because it’s over and I know I wont find a series that will appeal to me this macksde any time soon. And the end – it’s wonderful! The series started out average- the first two books were meh but really adored Devin and Shane’s book.

Travesura Realizada VIP: Serie Hermanos Mackade – Nora Roberts

Several ghosts that Shane refuses to acknowledge and doesn’t want Mackase to either. Then along comes Shane and Rebecca. He’s one of 4 brothers and everyone feels the same about him.

Maybe it’s because the romantic arc for Devin and Cassie flowed through the previous books and wrapped up one book before this. As the last book of the series, Shane’s story didn’t wow me. Jun 27, Romanticdryad rated it it was ok Shelves:

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