I’d totally do this. You are absolutely Marvelous Darling: Episode 6 by Helcat. I have to rewind it to finally understand it. Thanks for the recap. If you like, please subscribe If you are good at Spanish, Indo or whatever language you are good at, here is the link you can add the subtitle.

Ihearyou Pls dont forget to subscribe for more video -Enjoy Watching- -Credits to the owner-. I’m beginning to act like mr sparkly tracksuit. Whatever love I had for this Joo woon character had just gone in this episode. Sparkly Tracksuit aside, not! Btw this show reminds me of the drama What happened in Bali as well. Her roommate Ah-young arrives home with the dreaded vacuum cleaner in tow, causing Ra-im to freak out that she accepted it on her behalf. Perfect end to the work day. I’m waitin for the mary stayed out all night.

Where can I download korean drama ‘Secret Garden’ with english subtitles ?

Joo-won is left pouting alone in the street. Thanks for the recap. Oh, you are an ASS. I hate how we have to wait a week to see the next two episodes All through that scene I was obsessively staring at them, wondering if they were special highlighters made in Italy: Yoo Seo Jin Supporting Cast.

I like the little touches, like the fact that he cares enough to accessorize his outfits down to every last detail, or that he always has fresh flowers nearby.


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Beautiful You Korean Drama Ep 6 Eng Sub

He leaves her in the dust. Even though I was already committed to this sfcret, that moment made me fall in love. Episode 6 by Helcat. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

It’s super hot when he’s all angry JW and in really close quarters to RIbut I love crazy, neurotic, stalkerish JW although if I met a person like that in real life I’m pretty sure I might have a restraining order against him. Finally he gets fed up with getting beat up, so he turns the tables and lands on top, quite literally. I noticed that too! Lee Byung Joon Supporting Cast. I mean, I always knew the bickering hate phase was intended to spark a few flames, but these two are downright X-rated.

Yes, Philip Lee really speaks good english. That would about explain it!!!! If I were Ra im I would’ve slapped his face.

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I think this is going to be the best drama for About Gil Ra-im, a stuntwoman who dramadrazy of becoming a martial arts director, and Kim Juwon, a rich CEO of a department store, have their souls switched and drsmacrazy unique romance blossoms.


I’ve been looking forward to it for the whole day and it does not disappoint one bit! It’s really entertaining and looking forward I loved the fantasy sequence where Ra Im became different ideal types the oppa-wiggle made me melt. Like what I see so far though. I like Hyun Bin in Samsoon but he really capture my heart in snow queen! Binnie is a riot.

Watch full episodes of Ashes of Love: And THEN for it to be paired with her first encounter with the dragon lady made me realize why her character is so likable. Alas, it will have to wait till break, along with Mary stayed out all night Episodes by LollyPip. Tae Sun Comes Out of the Closet Yoon Sang Hyun Main Cast.

That rates a Billy Crystal:

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