Better to wait a few days after the Spanish tuning, not to hear the strings sizzle woodworking as was the case on the first day. Write a user review Ask for a user review. It’s great for arpeggios and rhythm guitar. I’ve used this Seagull S12 for about 10 years now. Seagull prides themselves on making high quality hand made guitars, and this one of my favorites that they make. The bridge is to ankles. APRS is that if I sr ay fuck Of the strings I played before I chose this Seagull, this was definitely the best sound for the price.

But has come and I have a guitar virgin prfre any micro that full of holes with a piezo dzouinnng is not terrible: Classic dimensions for a dreadnought model. It’s good to also have a 6-string for “standard” playing. Request a new review. The neck has not deformed and the body construction is still solid As is often said, the game on string is quite different from that of 6. Then again, I couldn’t really compare it to other models so my opinion is quite biased.

The test of time has not degraded the sound or the playability. It’s my first string and I was afraid I would have difficulties playing it but it’s not the case. The mechanical oil baths Seagull 12s-tring, they are accurate and reflect well the agreement. In short, I was afraid to buy a piece of wood with a dozen strings stretched ready to crack your fingers of the hand.

12-strjng Finally, look for a website. Better to wait a few days after the Spanish tuning, not to hear the strings sizzle woodworking as was the case on the first day.

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The shape is a classic dreadnought, it is quite light, easy to learn, and there all sizes find their marks with no problem. Plain and natural finish. It is improving day by day, it thickens and heats up a little more. Attention, the set of strings with a preinstalled conventional octave that one does not sound the same as 6 strings amplified.


It’s a nice looking guitar, the veining of the wood are beautiful, the head is adorned with many fine 12 lifts, small pickguard fits in short, it is beautiful! It’s great for arpeggios and rhythm guitar. The guitar stays in tune but you’ll have to tune it again if you transport it, even if in a hard case. Ibanez, Takamine, and Valley Blues, Lag, none has really satisfied, not even I Lag “chosen” catalog, namely TJ12c ‘ is a jumbo that should have potatoes, but not Our members also liked: The inherent sound of this 12 string is great and I consider it one of the best 12 string guitars for your buck.

The Seagull Coastline Ceder 12 string guitar is an overall great 12 string guitar. I have only used this guitar in the studio for recording overdubs, and whenever I use it I come away with a good sound.

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This isn’t as great as a classic Martin 12 string, but for the price it is a great option that won’t break the bank. No-pan shot but we giitar not feel the need the rope 12-strong n’tant not an instrument with which to play cheche in acute Trs-grip -Relatively easy to play compared to other 12 string I ssay the strings are more space and freight are trs prs Manir has an electric guitar SOUNDS -As a big fan of zep ‘ led zeppelin for uneducated is the instrument I wanted.

Revisw have since tried several 12 strings: With experience, you do again this choice? For me an acoustic guitar worthy of the name must “sing”, it must respond to my requests and the groove is born of this union! Is with the shovels much more expensive. Taylor dynamic to play or picking arpeggios.


Quality of wood and finishes. Theres nothing like a great 12 string guitar part and this guitar definitely has the 12-strijg to make some great 12 string parts. I believe the guitar is great for the money!

Rwview The Seagull Coastline 12 string guitar is great for all types of music that you would want to use an acoustic 12 string guitar, but I have used it mostly in rock and pop music with good results. It’s even easier to play open chords than with a 6-string. The neck has not deformed and the body construction is still solid Using a Fishman preamp and one of Bruce’s acoustic Soundboard amplifiers duplicates the sound and creates the illusion of two string guitars in unison And then the sound of a string, when it sounds is that of happiness, it fills the sound!

This guitar is Canadian, table, red cedar, cherry back and sides. If you are interested in getting a reasonable priced 12 string guitar that is dreadnught cheaper than you would think, this is absolutely worth a look.

Sort by most recent most useful. Note that the factory setting is nickel, the guitar is really ready to play immediately. It holds its tuning very well especially for a string.

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