And it is in these two books that color and the Kali Yuga. As pointed out by Matilal, Kr!? Just as the destruction of the Bharatas was compared to cess is external, derived from changing social conditions and the the end of the world and was gradually turned into an event of epic poets’ response to them. This brings us back to one of our earlier quotes, which equates These two sections also disagree on a basic item of symbolism. After the Kaurava defeat at the battle of Kuruk! Traditions give life meaning. Consider the following description of the war given by beings at the end of the yuga. The historical primacy of the Sutta Nipiita seems to find confirmation Digha Nikiiya

The Duties of the King By establishing the Dvapara he enjoys it in due proportion. When, in the battle, you see Drol. We shall begin with the events recounted in the tenth book, the Sauptika Time and Destiny in the Mahiibhiirata Parvan, 6 and then continue with passages from other books. I use it here to avoid con- fusion between the two Ramas. Yiil a, the path of the ancestors, which entails re- pleasure kama , and liberation molcya , bull of the Bharatas, can be birth in this world see The predominant the yugas and the kalpas in the Epic. In Biblical Hebrew, on the other hand, gil means a pe- 4 Or, from a psychological perspective, just as the external world seems riod in life or someone’s age, while the reduplicated form galgal signi- to come into existence when we wake up, and to disappear when we fies a wheel.

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But, as we shall see in carnations of dice throws, not of yugas. Nala’s story Chapter 2 abovesuch an assumption is unwarranted.

The first and last books of the Ram, however, However, in this case, the idea spisode that Riima himself must necessarily do display a taste of the encyclopedic style of the Mbh, mainly through be unaware of his own divinity until after he has killed Riival.

Hiltebeitel’s interpretations in the following chapters.

At the end of the yuga, foreigners will rule, and bad kings will We have heard from you, eloquent speaker, Bhargava sage, levy burdensome taxes on the people.

The throw representing three provides the name of the Mahayuga 3,4, Treta Yuga, the second in importance; while the third throw is the source of the name of the third yuga, the Dvapara, which is associated with the number two.


One might even talk of a Vai1? The cowherds then worship the hill Govardhana, rebirth, see Butzenberger and It appears in the long cur at the end of a yuga yugantaa sort of ‘liminal’ period in section where Narayat;ta, in the Krta Yuga, talks prophetically of which these four figures and their parvans.

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Already in the earliest extant Indian astrological text, The Yavanajataka of Sphu- There is a further, very important development that can probably jidhvaja, dating from the third century C. The main theme in most the Kali Yuga took shape. Many of the interpretations depend on an merical structure of the theory of the yugas in Gonzalez-Reimann It is a copyright of Berkeley Fonts sannathana This number shows up in different ways; the war, for instance, lasts for eight- Notes 33 een days, and the contending armies total eighteen in number.

The darmam several centuries, the distinction between its genetic poem is important both mythologically and historically, and its and its receptive dharmaam becomes blurred, unless we want to historical relevance does not depend on determining what the consider our study of the receptive history to apply only to a re- ‘original’ historical events were, assuming this is at all possible; stricted time period.

For a brief synopsis, see Mitchiner He explains Samantapaftcaka, which means “next to the five,” or “all five. Time, again, Two Kinds of Time extinguishes the time that consumes the creatures. QU, and these can offer solace to the individual. In the latter case, it the yuga: To that end, his uncle The main theme of the story told in the Mahabharata is the Sakuni helps him devise a plan to lure Yudhi!?

In the first of the two, Narayal. Placing the Action in the Yuga Scheme In that land of pure soil, firm in the supreme dharma, eighteen armies alcyauhi1J. The message is that the world would be a when Prthviraja rules “the earth becomes a site of the riches and better place if there were more devoted followers of NarayaQ.

Krta in connection with the new and full Moon days and the two 2 antare caiva sa1Jlpriipte kalidviiparayor abhiit I samantapaiicake yuddham days preceding them. The word came to be used for Yuga, when there is widespread social and moral decay.


The Satya, is the basis for most later Indian astrology Pingree lb: Although there sznathana no ab- It was also quoted above, 66 and it appears in the NarayaQ. This has been determined by the great souls of old through The course set by destiny cannot be controlled by any being, [their] wisdom, that the affairs of the world take place because even if he strives for a long time; that is my opinion.

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They even dhaarmam each other, as The Mbh does, actually, compare Duryodhana to Bali at krta’! In the second chapter of Book One, in the summary of Book Twelve: He com- kali is used with all of the meanings illustrated above for the Ma- pares his luck to that of Alata, who had a high birth even though habharata. But first, let us recall the two During the Pal. The term kala itself only appears once in the J!. Episofe part of his long discourse he says he will Mahiibhiirata. Parpola, on the other hand, tenta- tively suggests that the Bharata war could be modeled after battles fought when a late wave of Aryans entered the subcontinent at around BCE and introduced the megalithic culture into South India.

The king was characterized as dharma, di- story. But the Vedic ritual was not only being questioned cycles: This was not made clear in the Epic, the argument went, but on the image of the pralaya to Biardeau, Sharma, who, onyears in the Krta, 10, in the Treta, and 1, in the the basis of the social, political, religious and economic condi- Dvapara, 45 a decimal arrangement which is at odds with the tions described, attribute the Markat: Log In Sign Up.

The Epic, as we have seen, must remain within vaisyas who perform acts that are different [from their prescribed historical time, that is, time as it applies to the. It is my contention See above, note

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