The following day, John and Number Six unite their blue rocks and discover the location of the other four surviving Garde. The Mogadorians eventually locate John and manipulate two conspiracy theorists into capturing Henri. The production was scheduled to last 12 to 13 weeks. Komandan Mogadorian Kevin Durand beserta anak buahnya mengetahui tentang sembilan anak tersebut dan datang ke Bumi untuk menemukan mereka. Retrieved February 8, Dah 4 kali owang tengok. As Sarah walks away, a guy walks up to John with a couple of his friends and introduces himself as Mark James Jake Abel. When John and Sam go to rescue him, they are attacked, but manage to fend the Mogadorians off.

John helps Sam up and throws the ball back with enough force to knock Mark’s friend to the ground. Komandan Mogadorian Kevin Durand beserta anak buahnya mengetahui tentang sembilan anak tersebut dan datang ke Bumi untuk menemukan mereka. Principal photography began on May 17, , using 20 locations all within the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. These scars are present on all the Lorien teenagers, and with each death, another scar appears. After waking up in a hotel room, John tells Sarah he has to leave. A third item in the chest is small pebble-like rocks that John and Henri put under their tongue to reduce pain. By da way cite ni bg aku best je sbb aku minat la bg org lain tak tau la

I Am Number Four

The Mogadorians, led by the Commander Kevin Durandlearn about the nine children and come to Earth to find them. During the Halloween Festival, Mark and his friends chase Sarah and John into the woods, where they try to beat John up. It contains pictures of many of the people of Paradise, including a section dedicated to himself, which he finds just moments before it is erased by Henri.


Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Henri warns John not to get too attached to Sarah, as Lorien love is different from human love. Retrieved January 26, As Mark walks away, John watches him slam another boy in to the lockers and throws the boy’s skateboard away. Keesokan harinya, John dan Number Six menyatukan batu biru mereka dan menemukan lokasi dari empat Lorien lainnya yang masih hidup. He confronts Mark and his father.

I don’t know if I’d be involved, but I know they’re talking about it.

Story Morry Miss Pepero Zee: Mana sambungan I Am Number 4? #tolong laa bagi ada.

John saves Sarah from a fall, revealing his powers in the process, and they escape to their high school. Number Six’s guardian was killed, and she realizes that the remaining six of the Numver will have to team up and fight against the Mogadorians. The day John and Henri arrive in Paradise is a rainy day and they begin settling in to their new home.

Diakses tanggal December 8, Four has three circular scars wrapped around his right ankle, signifying the deaths of Numbers One, Two and Three. Ketika Festival Halloween diadakan, Mark dan teman-temannya mengejar Sarah dan John ke dalam hutan di mana mereka mencoba mengalahkan John.

She knows Number Three is dead and that Number Four is being hunted. Di sana, John, Sarah dan Sam diserang oleh Mogadorian yang membawa dua Piken untuk memburu mereka bertiga. The film was produced by DreamWorks and Reliance Entertainment.

They are saved by Number Six and Bernie, who is actually a shapeshifting Chimera sent by John’s biological parents to protect him. John, however, he uses his legacies to fend them off and rescue Sarah.

Retrieved June 5, Retrieved 29 August Di Bumi, John dilindungi oleh seorang penjaga bernama Henri Timothy Olyphant dan telah mengembangkan kekuatannya, termasuk peningkatan kekuatan, kecepatan dan kelincahan, seperti tujuh kekuatan lain yang akan dikembangkannya di kemudian hari, yang dikenal sebagai warisan.


John finds her, but is found by a Mogadorian scout, one of several who have closed in on the school. John Smith Alex Pettyfer adalah makhluk asing dari planet Lorien. As Sam is warning John to stay away from Sarah, their lockers explode with pink paint placed by Mark.

Mark membawa Komandan Mogadorian ke sekolah, yang diketahuinya adalah tempat persembunyian Sarah.

I Am Number Four (film) – Wikipedia

All releases include bloopers and the ” Becoming Number 6 ” featurette, while the single-disc Blu-ray and three-disc Sambungab, DVD, and “Digital Copy” combo pack versions additionally include six deleted scenes with an introduction from the director.

British Board of Film Classification.

Newer Post Older Post Home. While Sam searches for it in his house, John tries to say goodbye to Sarah at a party.

Caruso had been selected by Spielberg to direct Disturbia and Eagle Eye for DreamWorks, and had success with both films. Archived from the original on Eventually, having ended up on the school’s football stadium, John and Number Six defeat all of the Numbrr, including the Commander, who dies in a large explosion. Bestkan kalo kita pn dpt anugerah mcm ni or mcm superhero2 y lain She confesses her love for him however, and John says he loves her, too.

John hanya bisa terluka setelah tiga Lorien pertama dibunuh secara berurutan.

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