The girls gladly reunite and plot revenge against Gwen and Ruby. MagicATM 04 Jan 7. Oscar-nominee Kevin Feige gives an update on the next stage of the MCU and when we can expect to hear some concrete details. To make matters worse, the girls’ tickets are unable to get them out of the waiting room, where a distraught Coco Wexler Jessica Chaffin reprising her role from Zoey is moping over the fact that Carl divorced her and proposed to her mother. Gwen and Ruby return for another vacation from England and drive a wedge between Sam and Cat. Add the first question. Cat feels sorry for Oscar, so she plans to make his day as fun as possible, while trying to keep him safe with the help of the gang. When Cat saves an old man at Elderly Acres from getting hit by a scooter, the man’s daughter asks the babysitting duo to look after her accident-prone son, Oscar.

Cat, on the other hand, is shocked at the size of the speed boat that she and Sam won. The customer service representative from before approaches them, again with the cheerful attitude that this is a routine mishap, and brings them to a room full of items mistakenly taken by the drones: Trivia Special Guest Star: Sam and Cat make a bet with Jepson that it is a word, but then find no proof of the word’s existence in any dictionary, including the most authoritative Oxnard English Dictionary. Afterward, Zakappa cries that he wants a re-match and when he pushes Sam aside, after she tells him to accept the defeat, she wrestles him to the mat where the fight took place. An aggressive trainer puts Sam through rigorous training, but Sam, known for being lazy and hating work, gets fed up and cancels the fight. Sam sees this and borrows a Spear Fisherman’s spear gun and shoots the truck down, which knocks out Del DeVille.

Sam eats all of the meatballs that Cat has prepared for a special moon dinner, and is wanting more.

Instead, Sam chooses to have Nona stay around for two more weeks while Cat sits in jail during that time. Retrieved July 30, Retrieved July 14, Sam and Cat try to convince Dilben that they have gotten rid of the goat, but Dilben sees it and threatens to notify his father.

Episodf Bonner returns, he hears an explosion and quickly figures out what’s happening. College Football, “48 Hours” Lead the Pack”. Due to a lapse in judgment that causes the arresting officer to fall asleep at the wheel, Sam ends up taking the law into her own hands and catches the car thief by herself.


Even when Cat is able to get Poober away from Ellie through persuasion, which also leads Cat to blab the secret of where she and Sam stash their babysitting money, a small storage container disguised as a pineapple, Ellie finds a way to cag Poober back. Epissode ends up rescuing Poober, and replacing it with the pineapple full of Sam and Cat’s money.

Determined to bring the word into existence, the girls go to Oxnard and meet the “Word Keepers”, who say the two must provide evidence of the word’s use, and would accept a famous person’s saying the word.

The boy is limited to using a rubber cup for his drinks, and eating cold, wet noodles without any utensils. Sam runs off to save her. In order to keep her doll, and also in exchange for Goomer’s return, Kim agrees to a date with Randy.

Zoran Korach as Goomer. Gwen reclaims Cat’s can of bibble and sprinkles some bibble crumbs onto Sam’s bed.

Dice asks Sam to send Nona down to Arizona to bail Cat out of the police station before she is there for two weeks. While Cat babysits two polite British girls, Gwen and Ruby, Dice notices that they have a anf Phone 6″, a phone that hasn’t yet been released in America.

Once again, the airport is shut down, but now with the kids and other people being the only passengers unable to board as Goomer tosses the bag with the timer devices epieode Sam and Cat. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Sam and Cat season 1 Episode 21 #MagicATM

But when Sam finally unlocks the safe, and the girls check out an abandoned room inside, Dice locks them in and sneaks out. The two argue about which girl he meant, and decide to make their next appointment a competition to see which of the two is the better babysitter, with the winner getting the master bedroom. Sam ends up texting with one hand, and Butler drops his phone on purpose to get back at his mother.

Slarm, Jerry Trainor as Crazy Steve. Sam befriends Cat’s old friend Robbie, and kisses him to make Cat even more mad with her.


Sam & Cat – Season 1, Episode #MagicATM –

Instead, she makes Jet look even better and he is crowned the magazine’s new cover boy. While Goomer gets Del’s glasses, Cat ties her big balloon to a little girl’s toy scooter, it floats away.

Sam asks Nona to stay at her apartment while Cat is away and Nona proves to be a dream roommate, by making lavish dinners, doing Sam’s laundry, etc. However, they soon realize Sylvia and Janice are not on speaking terms after quarreling over a trophy for their show, more than 30 years ago. Sam and Cat make a bet with Jepson that it is a word, but then find no proof of the word’s existence in any dictionary, including the most authoritative Oxnard English Dictionary.

They use Goomer’s toy rocket for Poober’s farewell, but before they launch the rocket, Ellie wants to have a final moment with her companion. So after Randy’s scout troop finds Goomer, and not the shirt, they are expecting the stated reward and hold him captive episods they receive it.

Sam and Cat happily observe the fight, leaving the two to duke it out until they decide they need to call Gwen and Ruby’s uncle. Retrieved April 10, — via TVbytheNumbers. Trivia Special Guest Star: Dice then complains after Sam fulk Cat say no to his going to a poker game with college students.

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On Halloween night, Sam dresses up like Cat while Cat dresses up like a genie. Cat apologizes for giving Sam the pillow and is glad they are friends.

Regardless, Cat is still trapped after Vance confirms the box is defective. After a few days, while Cat is fixing Andre’s her friend from Victorious guitar she tests it out by playing an eight second snippet, which Del DeVille loves so much he promises not to say anything about what has happened in return for Cat giving him her guitar snippet.

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