First method of getting PDE models, Momentum-balance equations; The Second method of obtaining partial differential equation models, Probability generating function, fourth method of obtaining partial differential equation models, Model for Traffic flow a Highway, Situations that can be modelled through graphs, Mathematical models in terms of directed graphs, Optimization principles and techniques, Mathematical modelling through calculus of variations. The Factories Act, Properties of determinants, Determinants to transpose and inverse. Linear Products and Norms. IO streams, filtered stream. Guiding Principles of Environmental Law: Level and Tempo of Urbanization 6. Problems of Migrant workers and its remedies.

Write procedures to implement Insertion and Deletion operations on a Circular Queue. Food standard and certification for Quality control: Social security in India: Identification of soil type of nearby locality. Unit-III Technologies available for conservation of natural resources: Additives and food safety; Evaluation of safety, safety Vs. Semester – IV Paper-X: Use the conditional control structure for given three int values, A B C, return the largest.

Labour Legislation-I 50 Marks: HRD Practices in Indian organisations. Sustainable Agriculture Practices 2 papers theory: Applets Introduction to Applet designing basics, drawing graphics, handling events, reading applet parameters, images and sounds, JAR files, applet security restriction, signed applet-weaving Applet into web pages. Population Fluctuation and Population Interaction: Begum, Director of Vocational courses of Govt.


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Program to compute factorial of a number. Diversity and classification of viruses of animals, plants and bacteriophases Unit Simulation of an Ecosystem sahityamo the laboratory. Mihir Kumar Das 9. Sources and transmission, water, air, sewage, soil and other agnets. Identification of organism association mainly symbiosis, commencialism and Parasitism v. Write procedures to perform balance check and withdrawal after proper verifications. Unit-IV Cereals and cereal products.

Sahityamlo Hasyam || Episode 203 || By Dr. Garikipati Narasimha Rao

Program to find ascending order of some numbers. Study of soil profile of a particular area. Interaction in biological system: Public Administration Unit — I: Economics, Society and Environment, Economic growth vs.

Please add and inform if I have left any subject in the list above Prof.

Mehta II edition Chapter 3,4 excluding absolute moment ,5 excluding 5. Mahandrodyamamu — Dasarathi 3.

Sahityamlo Hasyam || Episode || By Dr. Garikipati Narasimha Rao

Solution of differential equations: Agencies of labour Welfare: Immunological abnormalities Unit III: Remote Sensing and GIS: Age — Sex Pyramid 2. Fetching a word from memory, storing a word in memory, Register transfers, performing arithmetic and logic operations, Execution of a complete instruction, Hardwired control, CPU-Memory interaction, Multiple-bus organization.

Compute the result recursively without loops.

Epsode Characteristic of sericulture industry, its prospects and problems, different types of textile fibers, superiority and specialty of silk fibers. Natural resistance and defense, antigen and antibodies, diagnostics. BBA Major and Minor: Instruments used for texture evaluation.


Declare a structure with the following student data: Fundamentals of Mathematical Analysis- G. Diversity of microorganisms Unit Food Science and Quality control Minor: Program to find all the factors of a number. A Course on Ordinary and Partial differential sahityam,o J. Unit-IV Organism and Environment: Bose, Ashis Population of India: Resource management in agriculture and forestry, soil reclamation, land and water resources degradation and their conservation, 2033 pollution, environmental toxicology, green house effect, global warming, EIA, Environmental management.

Potter, Introduction to Hasywm Technology, Wiley. Aerobic and anaerobic respiration, Glycolysis, Fermentation, Krebs cycle, oxidative phosphorylation, factors affecting respiration. Composition, nutrient value, spoilage, preservation and spoilage. Concepts of Deadlock, deadlock problems, deadlock characterization, deadlock prevention, deadlock avoidance, deadlock detection and recovery, Support for Concurrent process, Concurrency conditions, critical section, semaphores, inter process communication Books: New Age International Ltd.

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