Shunsuke Ishikawa Sound Editing: After hearing testimonies from several students and staff, as well as the coercive questioning with the three girls, Tsukune is forced to admit being human. After finding Lilith, Moka gazes into the mirror, splitting Moka’s inner and outer selves as separate entity, but both bodies lose half their strength. Ryoko Nashimoto eps 2, 9 Sound Producer: Leah Clark as Rubi Tojo. Moka’s inner self and Kokoa defeat Kotaro together, undoing the hypnotic spell on the entire female student body.

Yukari returns to Mako and asks her to increase her breast size. While the other girls are relaxing in the hot springs, Moka and Mizore informs them that Tsukune and Kokoa may be in danger. Tia Ballard as Mizore Shirayuki. During the development of Season II , he also acknowledged that the series would have a finite ending. Kei Shindou as Shijimi Chouno. Tatsuya Abe ep 2 In-Between Animation: Feeling left out by the others due to her young age, Yukari encounters Rubi Tojo later that night, pleasantly surprised to see another witch.

He also says it has nothing to do with capuccino or the drink theme that he gives Moka’s family members. Rubi Tojo is a witch who serves as an antagonist in the Witch’s Knoll storyline, cpu2 her guardian Lady Oyakata. After Moka defeats her, she falls in love with Tsukune because he shows her cspu2, [8] while stopping Moka from causing further harm. Alexis Tipton as Moka Akashiya. Gangesbot; 0 comments added days ago.

I recomend tou to see it until the end of the video It is awsome. Sean Whitley Steven Walters 7 episodes eps even, Moka and the others pay no attention to her as Kokoa tries to attack, but as Episoce trips and fall, he removes the rosary from Moka’s neck, and Moka’s inner self kicks Kokoa away.

Rosario vampire season 2 episode 1

Toru Nakano eps 2, 9. Christopher Bevins as Kubisaku Nagai. This salacious yuri melodrama is anything roxario Class S. Kazuyuki Okitsu as Zashiki-warashi ep 6. Watch Rosario Vampire Capu episode with english sub or dub.


Englishh vampire season 3!!? This dangerous object not only reveals the true form of all the students at the academy, but also their inner desires.

Rbd La Familia Cap.7 Parte1 в

She catches the attention of every male student down the hallway, but Tsukune tries to remain indifferent with her appearance. Rubi covers the mirror with the wrapping, reverse its effects and returning the student body to their normal selves.

Moka’s dub self has her moment with Tsukune and bites him on the neck before she reattaches the rosary on her neck.

He started with his ehglish for vampires, and the concept of a beautiful girl vampire with a crucifix around her neck and then created the school of monsters, Tsukune, and others afterwards. An enraged Kurumu tries to kill him, but Moka arrives and saves him.

The crush that the young, smart witch Yukari Sendou has on Moka drives her to endeavor to isolate her from Tsukune through various and often humorous pranks. Ian Sinclair as Ginei Morioka. Kokoa thanks Moka’s inner self for saving her life, but the latter tells her to thank Moka’s outer self for trying to save her even if she was still under the spell.

She carries out Oyakata’s actions from the manga against Tsukune and the girls.

Daisuke Nishioka 10 episodes eps 1, acpu2 This week, Nick and Andy find out how this influential story rosaril held up in Meanwhile, Kokoa searches for her va,pire bat, who has somehow disappeared out of the blue. This classic supernatural samurai adventure manga hasn’t been adapted into animation since the s! Sean Whitley Steven Walters 7 episodes eps even, Executive producer: Moka’s inner self arrives and stops the fight, convincing Issa to let Tsukune have the rosary before having the castle collapse.


Jason Grundy eps Scott Sager Script: Colleen Clinkenbeard as Moka Akashiya Inner. Katsuji Mori as Moka’s father ep Ginei ends up clearing Mizore’s name by showing photos he took of Kotsubo in his dpisode form trying to take advantage of Mizore.

Both Tsukune and Moka are trapped within the field, when the others fend off the plant monsters. Kokoa quietly resolves to have her sister all to herself, as Tsukune carries an exhausted Moka to the infirmary.

Mariko Kouda as Mako Yakumaru ep 4. When he witnesses Moka’s fighting ability, he assumes that she is Tsukune’s number-one wife, and wishes to recruit her as well.

Rosario Vampire Capu2 Episode 10 English Subbed at gogoanime

Some of its members are revealed to be “monstrels”: Later on as Yukari goes outside, she is confronted by a lizardman named Tadashi Wanibuchi and his two subordinates who are intolerant of witches due to how close they are to being human.

Gino Palencia Trenton Jons. She tries to kiss him, but the other girls arrive and try to get him to kiss them, much to his horror. Kokoa Shuzen [3] [9] [c] is Moka Akashiya’s younger sister, and the youngest of the four Shuzen sisters; [9] she becomes a student at Yokai Academy in the second manga serialization and anime season. Retrieved March 15, Nick Creamer has the details.

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