Does anyone know how to fix this? There is a link to the manual in the discussions here. While this might not be as fast as using a polarizing filter with an SLR, it works quite well. The shutter release button then has to be released again as soon as the film is possible to advance otherwise the film will be advanced to far. I love shooting the square format and many nostalgic aspects of the TLR. By allowing the photographer to view a subject the instant the image is recorded, the photographer will know if the desired image has been captured. I prefer rolleicord knobs but I haven’t heard of that happening before? By the way, a lens hood will also serve as a protective bumper and help shield the lens from light rain.

And the new leather will improve both the grip and cosmetics. A model V side wall would explain the missing of the reset button. Thank you for your question. I have problem advancing the film when the counter reach 6 or 8. I just borrowed a rolleicord I – I think with a three-element lense. The button only releases the film advance lock mechanism and should pop back out. Generally, 10′ is a good working distance for a full-length shot.

Simply leaving a camera in a hot car for too long can break down the lubricants and cause problems.

The designers keep thinking the 3. I had two of those, and the 3 element Triotar lens can give you a beautiful, smooth, moody image which I love. The body size difference is only aadvance millimetres, which creates the illusion of similar body size. If you want me and others to look into it any further we would need more pictures of all sides.

Rolleiflex vs. Rolleicord – Attempts at 35mm

I just acquired a Rollei for the first time, and one of the mirrors clicks whenever the camera is moved laterally. Hi Bill, Thank you. If you’ve never dismantled and reassembled a mechanical device, don’t start with a Rolleicord. The mutar and penta on a sturdy tripod made nice posed portraits at eye level, but I prefer the plain setup for children shooting closer didn’t make the nose too big ; after so many years, it was like aiming a shotgun, you just kinda knew where you were If you have a camera that’s not on his list — he may be able to recommend someone.


Happened from the first film i used. I just have a nearly complete 2. Maybe someone has been inside the right side relatively recently. Other finders are available, such as degree or degree eye-level pentaprism, which are heavy but allow photographers to view subjects without the image appearing reversed horizontally. Photo by Dan Wagner. The lever I described is hard to miss. As a user for many years I was surprised to learn a bit more from this regarding the viewfinder, well done.

Adolfo44 9 years ago. It’s a thin disc, and not especially tough. Give him a call so you can extinguish that Rolleiflex yearning. I solved it by opening the rolleicord a few mm in the dark.

But the film advance is acting up: Then work the knobs and levers and see what each does. I shot with my 2. One question – I have a ‘rolleiflash’ which appears to require a special battery and what appears to be a capacitor in order to operate. It has a german exposure chart on the back so I think it is was a domestic german model.

And aevance the shutter from time to time between rolls, while a good practice, is only a temporary fix for a camera in need of a CLA. On the left is a robust focusing knob with exposure-meter needle, depth-of-field scale, film spool releases, and filter compensation scale that corresponds to the factor number printed on filters. Calumet made a popular shutter tester that appears from time to time on eBay. Rolleiflex is more famous and a really iconic camera so it would be nice to just own one, but for shooting, Rolleicord might just be a bit more practical.


Good points on parallax. On the face of it this doesn’t make sense to me. I ended up teaching myself much of what you cover and it knib a very enjoyable process.

Which one to choose? Didn’t think that was part of the equation here.

The Wonderful World of Rolleiflex TLR Photography: Street Photography

It was a fun project. However, with practice and a smile, it is not only possible to become comfortable with photographing strangers, but in many cases it is easy to engage in pleasant conversation with them. Try using the double exposure lock in its off position. Having become heavily invested in digital, the thing I really like about DSLR images is that I can print them myself and make sure the prints are exactly how I like them.

Without handling the camera it’s hard for me to comment.

However, with practice, it is possible to envision what the photo will look like and to make the necessary exposure and other adjustments that filj realize your vision prior to releasing the shutter. Otherwise, Hans or Dan might have a pic or two to clue you up, perhaps? I’m sure you’ll be happy with the shots you take. The one in the finder might move if you shake the camera.

In my case it solved the stuck advance knob rilm I was able to keep advancing the film after each shot. Really, this is not a bad idea for any old cord being put back into use.

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