The cozy group of friends boarding house atmosphere was not going to last the whole show. A Little Love Never Hurts. Toshi Densetsu no Onna 2. Na-jung and her father head upstairs to deal with the noisy neighbors… and who should open the door but Sung Shi-won Jung Eun-ji. My real problem lies with the treatment of Chilbong during these last few episodes. Samcheonpo he tries again to wheedle Yoon-jin into meeting his old school buddies, which gets a flat rejection. Basketball Basketball Episode 7.

I remember the scene where Najung, Haitai and Samchunpo asked some insensitive questions when they learned that his parents were divorced. When you have ever been on Trash Oppa’s shoes or you are on the position of a patient and your doctor chooses his girlfriend over you and you will know why. Also CB was always the most extraneous character in the group. Ebay December 15, at I don’t miss him and I don’t care about his feelings, but I don’t think that’s what the writer was going for, not when they are still playing the “whose the husband” game. The boy is so imperfectly flawless! How are they going to insert CB into the story from now on?

He likes telling that kind of story. I’m actually really upset about Chilbongie.

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I don’t care that she isn’t with CB, that’s fine. I’m still not getting this whole “fear” thing. I do know that often the fact that a show that isn’t pre-written can suffer. What was the point with Bingeure telling oppa during the meal scene that, that should be the last time oppa should treat replu well?

Especially more evident now, they can’t even want to have Binggereu say who he is going dramgao meet but just someone Oppa know. I think my brain will never stop playing this song inside my head for the whole day. I’m hoping for Chilbong and the baseball girl. Saima December 15, at If this drama is decided by little clues planted here and there in a purposely obscuring segment as opposed to the emotional drama in the main segments Trash is in dramqgo and having his internship at that; it’s a very important time in his life careerwise.

Since we all know who the husband is now I am a fan of Chilbong and YYS is doing an drwmago job portraying him. It seemed to deal episodee his confusing sexuality in a nuanced way, with the nice voice overs, the touching getting into and over oppa scenes, and the getting into die stuff. I totally agree with you skelly. When you have ever been on Trash Oppa’s shoes or you are on the position of a patient and your doctor chooses his girlfriend over you and you will know why.


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I hope I repyl upset anyone: Ah, and we finally hear his name, Kim Dong-joon. His character deserved better, and I really hope they can salvage something of it in the end. But I just feel that the conclusion to Binggurae’s confusion wasn’t done as well as Joon-hee’s.

Why not show us Joonie? I also liked seeing more Mom and Dad. I’m still confused if Bingpuppy had any feelings for oppa. Trash loves Na Jung but his fear of her leaving him is feeding on his love for her which in turn makes him reoly a tad delulu and obsessive. She calls her husband “Kim Jae Joon” the second time, after calling him “Yeobo”. She blows her top and looks at him through angry tears. Empress Ki Empress Ki Episode 5. While i almost died of laughter when Oppa was like “Did you by chance I loved the cameos from the cast.

I really believe AM94 has lost its charm for playing with my CB shippers’ heart s and believing dramgo can still do something with CB to make him a possible husband for NJ. OK, we know CB is in Japan. In korea two guys could technically hold 117, hug, kiss, announce their love for each other and their relationship could be totally platonic.

But alas, I was disappointed that they chose to ‘end’ Binggurae’s story with a simple 2-episode introduction of Die Die as the conclusion to his love story. He opens the door giggling in glee… she bursts in shaking in excitement… and then she sees dramqgo gym equipment standing there with a big bow around it.

But I loved Siwon’s cameo. It is not a replacement for the actual drama itself. Let me tell you, I was ready to become “when readers go crazy”: It looks brownish, but it’s possible there could be a white stripe on one side or the other.


Of course, I wish Chilbongie is real, though it’s difficult to imagine such perfect man exist. Right now, we’re still assuming that the husband is Oppa, but it’s a pretty safe assumption for most of us.

He and his buddies look on eplsode Chilbongie is interviewed on Japanese TV, which is a nice reminder that Chilbongie still exists in this world.

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Yae no Sakura Yae no Sakura Episode Zainab December 16, at 9: I died when he jumped to the conclusion and became angry that she wanted a more expensive eplsode thing. I now give two hoots to who the husband is. They tried to be too cheeky and it made it look rply his dramsgo set up was just for the “gotcha! They missed each other enough and he really wanted to be there for her birthday; that, that hour or even simple 10 minutes of time was worth the long trip: When you propose to someone, your trust level should be at the point where you have no doubts about them, about yourself, or about the future of your repy.

That fits with what we already know of his character, given that he took time off of school to work through how he felt about his future, so this feels consistent with his personality. I think I like as a whole more at this rate. We’ll find out with Haitai next week!

The message of this episode: I really like how even though the trip would take hours, he is extremely busy and both knew it was highly possible that he would only see her for an hour or so at best or not at all.

My reading of him might be a bit too harsh, but I am pretty sure you can scale it back and still find a consistent reading.

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