Rec is obviously a classic. I dunno though, I liked it as a completely unconventional film. I’m a huge horror fan, but after this one Personally it’s not my favourite found footage movie, I would agree with you about The Blair Witch Project. Been putting it off for too long. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia goggles talking but it’s still as good today as it was when I first saw it. The main character reporter girl came across so unlikeable and her acting was very wooden.

Great premise, bad execution. I thought the Tunnel was pretty good. Most found footage flicks blow but Troll Hunter gives you a thorough back story on the hunter himself as well as the trolls. For instance, the cutting away from the broadcast to the commercials was realistic, but it took away from the proceedings and soon became, well, just as annoying as really watching an edited movie on TV. It was almost shot for shot but a few small changes they made ruined it for me. Dawn of the Dead Want to add to the discussion?

Yeah that reporter ruined the movie for me. I used to think that, but [REC] narrowly beats it. Well worth a watch. I’m a huge horror fan, but after this one It got mixed reviews but the found footage that really fec out to me recently was “Devils Vioo, I loved it.

Despite REC being a better film than The Blair Witch Project some critics have attacked it for employing such a tired technique that has been used too much in recent films i. It is everything everybody hates about found footage films and horror movies in one shitty cliched film. But obviously, watch [REC] first.


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Search for ” [Rec] ” on Amazon. It’s not even, like, “crappy. Levinson allowed the reec to improvise a lot, and it’s painfully evident with the reporter. I liked both Last Exorcisms even though the second one isn’t a “found footage” film. Genesis Kingmovies[REC] 3: And like you said, as the series expanded it innovated its camera techniques.

Definitely watch [REC] though, it’s phenomenal and pretty scary. Comparatively REC is also a horror, low budget, sticks to a female lead and has an ending that is very similar. See where it goes. Did not like it.

Who is the girl in the penthouse? Don’t let the subtitles deter you from watching Rec. I had seen it recommended here several times but I just could not get into it. If not, I’d definitely appreciate a link to check it out!

Based loosely on the all-too-real MKultra government experiments with some H. And even moving past that, don’t let the inclusion of religious elements negatively affect your opinion on something.

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See how long they get before asking if this is really real. It’s true that the plot is moive and there are loose ends, but then the vast majority of horror films often suffer from these traits, and sometimes purposefully, but with REC it doesn’t make the film any less enjoyable. Also the Japanese movie; Noroi: Killer homeless people in an abandoned underground rail system?


All of the best horror found footage films have been mentioned. Don’t often see many films from that area of Britain either so that was entertaining. The Sacrament was really effective at getting under gec skin. Submit a new link. If you don’t go into it expecting subtle artistry and a low key ending, the first Paranormal Activity is giooz good.

Deodato created a film exploring the darkest recesses of human nature while also simultaneously dipping his toes into that territory during the film’s production. You can watch the whole show on youtube. This is just my own personal analysis but it seems like during the 70s that Italy’s high brow and low brow cinema were so intertwined in the weirdest fulo.

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