At the same time, Chae-kyung gets grilled by her new mother-in-law, who finds it amusing how Yeok and Chae-kyung seem to have gone round and round only to end up back together. Deokman and Princess Cheonmyeong 1. His father was a seonggol, who married a jingol wife so that his son would not be a seonggol and suffer from the fight for the throne. Deposed Queen Yoon was a really jealous woman and she also interfered a lot with his concubines, like poisoning. But she’s actually the glue that holds the show together. I’ve been wondering about the same thing. This episode was especially good, it showed his further descent into madness torture scene was so chilling, even Secretary Im seemed creeped out by his cruelty , his jealousy and this miserable yearning that makes me feel so bad for him when he rested his head on that woman’s lap

This outrages the nobles who have been supporting him. For very popular dramas, I’ve seen some on certain sites that have been subbed just within a few hours after the episode was aired. Episode 47 Episode 46 recap: Actually, I’m getting goosebumps all the time in this episode, all the dialogues just gets me. Episode 9 Episode 8 recap: His small talk with his father before his father left got me.

His father was a seonggol, who married a jingol wife so that his son would not be a seonggol and suffer from the fight for the throne. When finished, click Answer to see the results. She 112 her husband’s face one night and then queen dowager at that time demands she gets deposed.

Elements of photojournalism, with videos Photojournalism It is also said that General Kim ingeniously used kites as a means of communication between his troops when split between islands and the mainland.

The Great Queen Seondeok – Season 1, Episode Episode 12 –

Mi Saeng replies what regret does he have, it most certainly not. Drama historical drama Starring: Thanks to dramabeans, dramatomy, and youtube! When Jinpyeong died there were no living males of sacred bone rank and so one of two things had to happen: Episode 5 by TeriYaki. He will never seek the throne. I seriously can’t predict if Chae Gyung would support Yeok’s plan or she will go against him as she’s worried about Yeok’s traitorous mind.


My pick for Drama of the Year: I’m still bitter why the rating is such a disappointment but there was already a long discussion why.

Sinopsis ‘The Great Queen Seon deok’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

The current year in the show is and prologue in episode 1 is set in Located between Baekje and Silla, Gaya is a confederacy of tribes that was annexed by Silla. Even then, I still love it so much.

So I don’t think it’s his lack of charisma per se that is a result of the ratings. Finding out about it, Hajong and his men strike back against Lord Seolwon. Chunchu arrogantly tells Deokman that he easily manipulated Mishil and that his plans to take the throne will not fail. Episodes 36 and After she returns from the war, Deokman reunites with Princess Cheonmyeong. Oh, yeah, that’s true! The Baekje army arrived at Hwangsanbeol first.

But he doesn’t see the irony in the fact that he is telling the story to his mistress, his other woman, not his wife. Is that part also fictionalized in this drama to make the ending more tragic? It is you who just could not hear.

Sinopsis ‘The Great Queen Seon deok’ All Episodes

If the devotion is realise, does Bi Dam thinks that the ending will be any different. Princess Cheonmyeong finally reveals to Queen Maya and Deokman their real identities as mother and daughter. How to turn on the English, French, or Spanish subtitles for the embedded videos Throughout this blog post, I have embedded HD videos of some great scenes from this drama.

Mishil orders her allies to stop pressuring King Jinpyeong about Deokman, Princess Cheonmyeong, and the ancient Silla prophecy. Wrong move on his part. The Great Queen Seondeok. If only we could bottle up the good parts and save it for the storm that lies ahead. I don’t really understand, her tattoo literally means “God’s tree”. Blindfolded and bound, Kim Yushin is led into the Bokyahwei hideout; meanwhile, Bojong and his Hwarang trainees begin killing the Gaya refugees in a village one by one to force them to reveal where queem Bokyahwei hideout is located.


It is thanks to good episodee as well, otherwise even top notch acting won’t be able sseon make this aueen alive.

I qjeen a little sorry for Noksoo at that point. When Yeok’s identity was revealed earlier in the episodes, I was like “So ok, they revealed their strongest card, so what’s next? I was actually wishing that there will be no misunderstanding with Chae-gyung’s intention thank goodness Yeok heard everything during that near-kiss, and thank goodness that in kdramaland, people just don’t have any peripheral visionbut now Yeok is the one being misunderstood.

But, as time went on, the “prophesy” made more sense; it was not a prophesy at all, but a warning that was related to the throne’s ascension. Eecap course he’s twisted as hell, an enemy to our heroes and a genius of evil, but Lee Dong-gun just does such a good job of making Yeonsangun layered and interesting, I can’t help but get super excited over scenes with him.

Word of the Day. Deokman reunites with Jukbang, Godo, and the other Hwarang trainees. Chae-kyung goes to the pawnshop in search of Yeok, and goes pale when she sees bloodstains on the staircase.

Anyway, everyone is outdoing themselves, I’m really enjoying the show right now and will keep watching it. Characters introduced in Episode 1:

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