Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 12, On the way she gets injured because of an accident, at that time her friend take her to the same hospital where her mother is. How will the families convince them? The family too joins them in this family moment. They both run to that point, where they dont find ayu, but the locket that buaji had given to ayu. Surya and Arti go in a romantic mood, to remember the past days, which they had spent on the same spot. Arti hugs radha, and breaks down, while radha asks her to compose herself, saying that she understands that yash is angry at her, but he cant be for long.

Overview Punar Vivaha is a Kannada romantic drama television series. Ishita slaps the banjara lady, for not doing things according to her plan. The family too joins them in this family moment. Further, Vedika enters into the shrine and takes the mangalsutra secretly. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 06, Surya’s family member get information about Vedika and then Surya’s uncle starts to search for Vedika and finally meets her.

Ravi requests Santosh to send Vedika to his house. There he sees his son Aarya outside of the temple, he takes Aarya with him and starts from there. Raki, as Gayatri criticizes her for hanging out with Arun, begins to criticize her in return. Surya wants to talk to that boy at home but he does not come to Surya’s home.

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Watch ahead to know what happens in the next episode. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 06, Now what will happen with Surya? After that, Surya and Ravi get ready to accept Santosh as their brother-in-law.


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Arti comes in the room, along with the food tray. Vedika apologizes for her mistake in front of all family members. Watch ahead and know what happens next.

Vedika calls Aarthi and tells about her situation, Aarthi suggests Vedika to go and see her mother Parimala. Vedika tells her situation to her father and tells that she will come to the hospital with her husband otherwise her husband will get angry. Watch ahead to know what happens next? Aarthi goes to temple with her mother, there a lady insults Aarthi and her mother. Arti is shocked at such behaviour. Aarthi’s mother asks Aarthi to come with her to temple but she denies.

The dancers also get arti to dance, and yash and arti get into romancing. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 02, Yash says that the lady was right, but arti refuses to believe her, saying that it felt like she was about to say something, but then stopped saying anything. Akash gets into a rage thinking that they are doubting his wife, who too had some relation with ayu. On the road Yash keeps taunting arti, for being so irresponsible, while going out to search for the baby.

At home everyone shouts at Surya’s wife saying that she has ruined Vedika’s life.

Ravi defends Surya in Court as his lawyer. Vedika’s grandmother informs Vedika that she will arrange a grand reception for her. Jodha Akbar zeetv TV Show. Epiode Vivaha – Episode – June 11, Later, Arun, being in Gayatri’s family, tries to get in with everyone in the family, by impressing them with his skills, in order to accomplish his goals.

Surya’s mother hires a girl named Arpita to take care of Surya’s daughter. Punar Vivaha – Episodes Arti ounar why is he doing this, yash retaliates saying that how could she do this.


Arti asks how dare she get him here, without telling anyone.

Punar Vivah Title Song – Har Uljhan ko Suljhaye: скачать и слушать mp3

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Buaji says that she isnt talking about any couple but about yash and arti. The banjara lady tries to plead her innocence. Further, Arun feels scared, as Gayari doubts him. Punar Vivaha – Episode – May 21, Radha finds arti, coming out of her room crying.

Ishita slaps the banjara lady, for not doing punat according to her plan. Arti goes and explains that they should change their thinking along with time, and tells her that she shouldnt have said what she did, and that she would be shameful one day, when pari becomes a mother one day, as she has trust in god and medical advancements.

Surya’s mother tells to family members to go home and solve the matter. Buaji asks why is she so happy to see arti crying. They both run to that point, where they dont find ayu, but the locket that buaji had given to ayu.

Jodha Akbar TV Show. Punar Vivaha – Episode – June 13, The whole family is shocked to find ayu gone.

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