And I never thought we would actually get this but Aarti is accosted by the creep next to her and almost immediately Yash becomes aware of her discomfort and acts as a barrier between her and it. Ansh then shows to her how to smile big. And they looked none to happy about their papa with Ansh. But I hope there is a scene on the sports day where all the girls are being readied by their moms or need costumes stitched Aarti used to do embroidery right? Loved the Aar Ya scenes, and the mil-bua and Aarti confrontation was just awesome Yash is looking at them and smiling. Aarti says, you leave it.. If she didnt run back of theif they wouldnt have ended up like this.

Yash then asks why did she leave him before he gains consciousness as well why did she return the kangans. When she cancels,he thinks to himself that he knew this would happen and is worried now how to inform them about arti. Aarti you are an amazing actress! So in the end, she is his medium to fight the forces of evil in his life. With love from your fan in south africa. Police and yash have a talk and they release Yash and Arti.

They say, we missed you so much.

Punar Vivaah 19th October 2012 Yash Ki Bhelpuri MUST WATCH

Sections of this page. The docotr takes over fromt he operation theater and asks him to fulfill the formalities. I love this change that Yash has brought about in Aarti. Newer Post Older Post Home. Yash says, what would you suggest in this condition?


Meanwhile yash is looking at her photo and wondering why did she leave like this without even giving him a chance to explain or rectify his mistake. And I never thought we would actually get this but Aarti is accosted by the creep next to her and almost immediately Yash becomes aware of her discomfort and acts as a barrier between her and it. Aarti requests Yash to drink first.

Meanwhile,ansh is being cajoled by prashant in the hospital. How will he react? Yash, Aarti, Ansh arrive.

Punar Vivaah 19th October Yash Ki Bhelpuri MUST WATCH – video dailymotion

Yash is getting ready and Aarti is looking at the reports. She then says, I will be back in a while. A silence between the both. She decided to go back to Scindiya house to prove herself as a good mom and a good daughter in law. Doctor says, if you two promise me that you will always have such coordination, then I have a solution. I was thinking that too that maybe yash might have to leave his house if he wants aarti and ansh in his life because his parents seem sooo stubborn I don’t think they will change their decision Aarti passes him something with which you do massage.

Free episodes and updates of Punar Vivaah 25th May available online. This time he drinks carefully and then passes cup to Aarti and she drinks. Pari has a sigh of relief. Aarti also joins her hands now and says, I am responsible for all this. Yash says, no bhaiya… whatever happened was my fault.

Punar Vivaah: Episode ~ 19th October

He then asks Aarti to choose one of his hands. Everything falls into place.


Aarti says, I am going to bhabhi. Ansh gets evry scared.

SBB – Yash Comes To Know About Aarthi’s Pregnency (Punar Vivaah) – 2nd October 2012

Aarti turns around and smiles. Sobhaji is on the phone with someone and she says, you gave such a good news.

Yash says, why are you not listening to me? But then I think Shobha liked the change. She actually read the undercurrents of his frustrations and was 199th for exactly what he was ranting at! Let the drama continue please! Gurmeet Choudhary the Heartthrob Artist.

Police say, we want to talk with Paridhi. Posted by Mohammed Akram at Ansh worries if he would lose once again, Yash hugs Ansh saying that he will surely make Ansh win the race! Meanwhile she gets prashant call trying to tell her about arti but she refuses to hear anything and instead rebukes him for calling them still.

Aarti points to her back. I will only think positive and keeps bad thoughts away then see odtober all complications will go away like that.

Payal Palak runs to Chachoo while Ansh runs to Yash.

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