Were humans really from earth? Jan 13, , That would be awesome. Summon’s AI cause mass and crash. New class – Summoner. And Newman are photon infused Humans? CASTs are getting a much needed addition with the inclusion of separate body proportions when wearing parts or humanoid clothing. Summoner does not use a traditional gearing system.

Also, the whole two year skip with a bridge navigator made exclusively to replace Shao feels ominous as well. The contents of Daily Orders and Team Orders will change during maintenance on January 27th in response to the release of the Tokyo field. I didnt watch the stream, honestly, only watched the vids posted here, so i didnt know that they said it already. In Episode 4, the appearance of various NPCs around the lobby have been updated, for better or worse, with new outfits. Once this goes live, Weapons Badge will no longer be obtainable. For all we know the bugger might well be older than PD and the Falzes in their courtesy-of-Photoners iteration anyway , too. A new character creation demo has been released for Phantasy Star Online 2. Earth is mentioned in the original trilogy.

Event Fields will display in quests and can be accessed to start the event. Site News Forum Gallery. Summmoner, a new class introduced in Episode 4, commands an army of cannibalistic kleptomaniacs.

Summoner Class Discussion

May 30, I will not play this game anymore, and will try to buy new computer to play something like star citizen, PSO2 from this patch will became for me fake, doppelganger of pso2. Most classes tend to aim for a subclass that multiplies damage by around 1.


On the bright side, there is no need to psso2 with Dudu nuking affixes or grinds. Characters with Episode 3 [Matter Boards] prior to this update can continue their EP 3 progress in the same manner as before. Episode 4 is made to resemble the Anime.

It is really hard to connect them, to be honest. Press the big blue button that appears near the bottom of the link to download the file. CASTs are getting a much needed addition with the inclusion of separate body proportions when wearing parts or humanoid clothing.

These technics must instead be obtained from the Photon Drop Exchange Shop. Which is very nice given how asinine the Ep 1 matterboards can be.

Earth exists, or rather existed, in OG Phantasy Star. Feb 21, I tested dummoner with my untouched account that has 3 characters. I’ll still level Su regardless though, so here’s hoping it’s more fun than I’m assuming at first reveal.

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The goal for this quest is to defeat a multitude of Phantom enemies within the time limit. Are you Ready For Episode 4? I was able to create my fourth.

Results 1 to 10 of The automatic pickup feature afforded to meseta will be adjusted for expanded sukmoner and increased speed. My prayers have been answered! Not like either planet has even indigenous interstellar travel tech ferchrissakes…. The menu option to [Play from Episode 3] will no longer be available when the game begins.


I wonder how well it’ll go with all-other classes o-o Being able to summon things while whacking is nice o-o.

PSO2 Episode 4 Reveals Summoner Class and Planet Earth

The pet is quite clearly listed as Pet Dog. Innerwear, Basewear, and Outerwear.

We don’t know for a fact that the class is a hybrid class, but the fact that it has a mirage-type dodge cements the idea that it will, at the very least, use T-atk. Last Jump to page: Summner it is another zany time travel thing.

Summoner does epieode use a traditional gearing system. Umm we already have a Darker Gamera and a phantom King Ghidorah crossed with a trio of bullet trains.

See your characters in action in a brand new benchmark cinematic where they face against the Phantoms. Please be aware that these items will have trade restrictions imposed on them.

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