But he sternly said, “Hanna, what, happened! Now it is just Hanna and Caleb standing in her kitchen alone. That means the actual love of my life will be the one I have a kid with,” I told her. I didn’t tell you this but I found Maggie and I found out that the baby wasn’t mine. I walk over to her. If it wasn’t for your mom you would be with her right now,” She replied. She decided to let Emily explain herself, see what she says and then move on from there.

Paige sighed and placed her sandwich down and the looked at both of the girls. Hanna then cut him off by letting go of his hands and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer to her as she kissed him. Don’t you see what you’re doing to me! This was shocking to her because he rarely ever cries. Your review has been posted. Negative review will be used for improvement.

She apologetically looked at Wren and thanked him, then told him he should go. Wren stepped closer to Hanna saying “Your girlfriend? With the noise of a familiar voice and the sound of something liarz thrown on the floor, Nate and Emily broke away.

I think you miss Maya and so does he. I know this is from really far back but I have had this idea littld my head for a long time.

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Your review has been posted. And in her eyes Caleb couldn’t care less which made her even more upset.

Hanna knew she wasn’t getting out of this one, so she took in a big breath and said as littlf as possible, “Emily and I went up to Noel Khans cabin to look for clues but then -A trapped us in a room and I tried to use a knife to get 310 out but it slipped and I stabbed myself.


Caleb then also stepped closer to Hanna saying “Oh ya know what, that’s complete bull, because Hanna and I are-“. She looked at him with her eyes full of tears and fear and screamed back at him, “Don’t yell at me! Now as I stood in the shower I felt guilty about how I didn’t tell her about Maggie when I heard her slam serries beagle in the toaster and fall to the floor crying. He softly said, “Why am I crying? She finally stops crying and looks up. Waving at her, Emily recognised the girl and made her way seriew to her.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Let you get back to whatever you had planned next. Paige she’s really sorry okay she just wants to speak with you and explain to you what went off okay?

Caleb in 3X10 Chapter 26, a pretty little liars fanfic | FanFiction

Paige grabbed her book out of her locker and slammed the door shut, that had resulted in a few looks for students near by but Paige was pass the point of caring. That was Paige’s pushing point, no-one gives her that look after kissing her girlfriend. He then laid back down on his back and put his hands over his face as he felt tears forming in his eyes. So again, what did you do? Paige carried the chinese in her hand as she rounded the corner to Emily’s house.


All the time I choose you, over any girl or guy. Hanna was standing a few feet from Caleb with her arms crossed wanting to be mad at him for blowing their cover, but at the same time thankful that he came when he did. Wren who was now getting anergy shoved Caleb by the shoulders away from Hanna and said “You heard her, now go.

But knowing that she would see Emily tonight had lightened her bad mood.

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All snuggled up and warm together. As I sat on the old couch arguing with Aria about Maggie she all of a sudden stands up and picks up my beagle. Paige let out a long sigh “Fine, okay.

Why couldn’t she come and tell me this herself? And it didn’t help that she was now laying a few feet from him crying because of what he did. Look I know things must be really awkward between us because litle what happened but I want you to know I made a mistake.

From where Paige seriex sitting she was able to see Emily make her way round the corner to The Brew. Only for Emily to be suprised by see her girlfriend staring at her and Nate.

She quietly asked, “Why are you crying?

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