The is has the least saturated colors of the Kodak Pro films, and the film grain is extremely fine. These are beautiful — inspired me to buy VSCO! Out of the Kodak Pro color films, this one adds the most character and vibe with added film grain. My plan is to do in this order: Its and I just discovered this….. Thanks for all the guides you post on here! I positioned the lighting in this image to try to convey a feeling of depth and richness, but straight out of the camera, it still felt flat and uninteresting.

I really love the edits. March 6, at 6: Your name or email address: I want to ask you if you have try any collection from film-effect-photoshop? Recel Wynsley Tonelada , Feb 15, I’ve replaced this preset pack in my workflow with presets from Presets.

VSCO FILM – HOW I EDIT MY IMAGES – Destination Wedding Photographer | Jonas Peterson | Worldwide

Yes, my password is: It includes all plugins which are perfect to use for portrait photographs. The distinguishing feature of VSCO Grid is the absence of the usual likes, comments and display number of subscribers.

I was not sure which VSCO set to buy. In all of these examples, the only thing that has been changed in each image is the application of the VSCO preset.

I love your editing style. Given that this is digital, by the way, you can also cheat and just vscoo the lightroom settings after you apply the preset.

Thank you for amazing post, and sharing it with us. Hi Nate, This is a great site, I am really thank full for all the in depth information you have provided on vsco. I know it might be completely subjective but what do you think is the best package for food photography? You can really see the impact on skin peeset and saturation in this image. July 25, Reply to this comment.


July 24, Reply to this comment. This VSCO preset for Lightroom will give prreset photos a high saturation in poor lighting conditions or with a flash.

Thank you very much. There was few Before pictures I liked a lot better than after — assuming before are on right side. December 14, at 6: Not only has VSCO helped me speed up my processing immensly, it has made me happy with my processing.

VSCO film 07 is a right choice presset wedding or fashion photographers who want to enhance their portrait photographs. November 10, Reply to this comment. I took this image with very low, very flat light. Hey, thanks a lot. No, create an account now. September 6, Reply to this comment.

It was established in Thank you for the your works. Especially for street photographers, we decided to create urban Lightroom presets that will make street photographs veco interesting and attractive. Thank you -alvin from the Philippines September 21, Reply to this comment. Thanks so much, Bryan!

Wish you be creative and make amazing photographs. Very generous of you. Looking forward to you other guides. Hi Nate… Are vaco going to write the missing guides? We have downloaded some of them and can say that they don’t have anything in common with the original VSCO film presets Lightroom. You will also like this http: I fil Lightroom 5. Moreover, these files can easily damage your computer system after installation.


Just use the slider on the image to see what the image looked like before and after applying the VSCO preset.


But the difference are subtle. I have been waiting to try these out! Share This Page Tweet. Andrew ChristianSep 11, These are also essentially the same films offered by Mastin Labs.

Thank you so much for this upload, really appreciate. Andi SumarnoJul 17, I enjoyed the 3 ones you already made, by the way. To get the free pro tools from the Fixthephoto simply enter your email address and your first name in the form. Low-light or mixed light situations where accurate skin tones are important. You can create a black and white palette professionally, make the glares warmer, the shadows colder, and give a grey tint to your photos.

These are beautiful — inspired me to buy VSCO! November 2, at 4:

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