Your smartphone will provide you with an alert informing your character of a disturbance at Sizzle Tanning Salon. Poptropica is a registered trademark of Sandbox Networks, Inc. Unfortunately for Charlie Brown, Lucy plays the trick on him and saying that it was never notarized. First, equip the punch, obviously. I agree,cuz I love to make outfits and show them off in common rooms! Now, hop down and the robber is there, he says now your starting to get on my nerves. I cannot stop to listening to them though!

Now, that is slightly less exciting. Go all the way to the left until you reach the Employees Only sign. Where are the cards scattered in the bonus quest? The camera will reveal that a tanning bed has been left on. Have you guys ever saw the vampire daries? Thats why I can get 75 money because I have 50 money.

I have completed every other island on poptropica so I am super exited to complete this final island!! Take the green creepy face mask on the scarecrow and wear it.

Night Watch Island – Poptropica Help Blog

Magic Shadow February 27, at Crawl Mart is on the left side on the bottom level. I like your blog. They’ll say “Yes, sir” and walk away. He gives you his invitation to the Halloween Party and talks about the Great Pumpkin, and how it picks a pumpkin patch at night and blah blah blah, when he walks way, pick up the pen.


Shiny Feather March 17, at 1: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

He make so cool things his mind goes so fast. Cool Kid January 15, at Next, the Creators have announced that the Poptropica app users can now unlock mobile-exclusive pets! Keep up with the pace of the chase! Popular Fox January 21, at 2: Go past the grey car You will then see a series of doors.

Night Watch Island Walkthrough

If wtitten stand on the bottom and let one fall on youit will appear in you hands, and you can ride the coin machines to the left. Pick up a new scent at the Eau de Toilette and have it follow you around as you go. When you finish it, she says you did good.

Short Leopard January 17, at 2: Navigate to the right where the two ladders are positioned, and climb up ppptropica first ladder. Linus will ask for your help to pick out the heaviest pumpkin and you do it.

The moving fan will keep you afloat while you torch the beige barrier into the System A vents. Now she’ll ask you to get onto the scooter like a Segway and patrol the mall. I thought that place was, like, outlawed after the zombie incident!!!!!!

Around mid, around the time that Night Watch Island was being made, multiple preliminary sketches for the illustrations for the book pertaining to Cryptids Island were posted to the Daily Pop.


This is a very helpful. Use the blowtorch to cut through the second metal door on the right, and the door to the far left. Please list the stores where you find the baseball cards.

You know, the volleyball from shark tooth island and cast away is in sluggers!!! Prickly Fly March 14, at 5: Once you get inside Good Deal Electronics, use the robot toy you found earlier to keep the lights on, Now, go all the way to left until you reach the Employees Only sign. Navigate to the Atrium located in the middle of the mall, fot ride the escalator to the top floor. Fun island but too many walking. Not anythings like islands or somewhat. You can now turn the world of Poptropica into a black-and-white world of film history with the click of a button!

This is a very helpful. When you get outside, the snake is right there! Perfect Rider February 22, at 5:

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