Proctor hands everyone hospital uniforms and some equipment. Nurse Joy says that they need help urgently. Email Address never made public. Ash, you ridiculously stupid, irresponsible dumbass. The doctor finally puts his boner away and gets to treating the obviously agonized Arbok, when Ash decides he needs to interrupt. That means that if you were to eat them — say I ate a snake and ate the poison sacks — it would go into my digestive system where my stomach acid and the enzymes in my stomach would just break down the protein, so it would fall apart and it would be harmless. A Chansey Operation Japanese:

Awesomely Shitty A non-stop stream of consciousness orgy. Proctor says he will help her Arbok. Jessie has hearts in her eyes and says that Dr. There is a Dodrio in need of untangling, so the doctor prepares an anesthetic injection, so as to calm it down. He says he needs help because there are not enough doctor and nurses. Give them their props. Misty comforts it and successfully calms it down. Brock runs over to Ash and Misty with Pikachu in his arms.

Beyond chahsey reason, it works, and Pikachu is revived. Way to ruin one of your few decent episodes, assholes. It is an emergency. Adorable Chansey reaction, though. He has a very clear hard-on for Misty. Chamsey a hospital for humans, the doctor agrees to help; however, the doctor refuses at first.

It is insanely dangerous and unsanitary to have those items carried around with you in your coat like that. Misty and Brock were watching him better than you were.


MY E E a chansey operation PikaProd – video dailymotion

Ash should know by this point when to poiemon aside personal squabbles for the sake of helping a Pokemon in need. Also, good luck getting them apart without killing them.

He says that there might be something stuck in Pikachu’s throat that is making its voice epizode. Kanto Battle Frontier Saga! Proctor, who has just awoken, states that Arbok and Weezing will not attack Chansey because they were cared for by it when they were injured.

Also, I love how they brought them into the story this episode. Back at the hospital, the doctor gives doctor coats to Ash and Brock and a Nurse Joy outfit to Misty, as well as equipment, saying that he needs their help due to a staff shortage.

Pikachu is standing behind some bushes next to the tree. The Salty Anime Challenge Day 4: It says it will pay any price to get it back. You just painted a red cross on a windowless van.

Notify me of new comments via email. There is a Dodrio in need of untangling, so the doctor prepares an anesthetic injection, so as to calm it down. Ash and eoisode leave the hospital waving goodbye to their newfound friend Dr. We will help as best as we can.

Episode 47: A Chansey Operation

The Cubone then calms down. He says that there is something stuck in it. Proctor asks it to open its mouth so he can get its throat clear.


Is that a thing? While snakes rarely ever get themselves into knots, and even more rarely get themselves into knots that they cannot untangle themselves, if, through an accident, illness or abuse, a snake were to be knotted into a knot it could not untangle and kept tightening, they could damage internal organs, their spine and they might be unable to digest their food, causing starvation.

Brock runs over to Ash and Misty with Pikachu in his arms.

They catch all three of them. His heart rate sounds fine, but his electric pressure is tanking?

MY E E00147 a chansey operation PikaProd

Misty then says the same thing and the doctor says that he can’t resist a pretty face. The doctor takes Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu inside.

They take off their hospital uniforms and jump up onto a stretcher. Ash asks him why he is helping Team Rocket. Misty comforts it and successfully calms it down.

The doctor pulls out a big ass apple, which Pikachu apparently tried to swallow whole, like a goddamn fat ass. Proctor because he sounds to much like himself.

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