Everyone applauds them for having a great battle. Stephan thinks that they are both very tiresome to watch. Cilan says that his habits as a Gym Leader compelled him to test Luke in the battle. He says that he has studied Larvesta very carefully. The Different Colored Crimgan!! Larvesta uses String Shot, as it wraps up Stunfisk. Don George announces a short pause between battles.

Stephan tells Ash that he had an awesome battle. Burgundy sneers that she is indifferent to the victor, until Zorua jumps on her head while running away from Bianca. Iris orders a Volt Switch, taking down Sawk in a single hit and winning the round for Iris. The privacy and security policies differ. Georgia sarcastically says that Burgundy is about as nice as they come. Stephan says that Luke had momentum, but Cilan was able to turn the tide in his favor. Luke asks Ash if he filmed his victory, Ash sees that he doesn’t have the camera in his hands and panics. Cilan tells him to relax and to approach it like he’s filming a movie:

Burgundy sneers that she is indifferent to the victor, until Zorua jumps on her head while running away from Bianca. Georgia and her Pawniard appear to have the upper hand against Ash and his Snivy—but with a couple of well-placed attacks, Snivy pulls off an impressive upset, and Ash is into the semi-finals! Cilan says that the outcome of the battle is still up in the air. With tears in her eyes, Bianca asks where Zorua is, but notices a second Axew in Iris’s hair.

Iris rounds on Bianca and Georgia, complaining that things had been going so well, but Georgia rebukes her for making just a dumb amateur video. On the sidelines, Ash and Iris compliment Cilan’s move, while Stephan notes that the battle has turned from Luke’s to Cilan’s favor.


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Iris says that she can’t just lay back because of Static, since it can still move and use it’s moves. Iris says that epispde a poor excuse and the two stare each other down. Georgia asks Burgundy why she listens so hard if she doesn’t care, while Stephan says Cilan wushes having fun.

Cilan tells Luke to savor every moment of the battle while thinking of the moment where he tastes victory. Stephan orders Double Kickthe first of which Emolga dodges, but Sawk swings around and connects on the second. Zorua turns back into Zorua and runs off, as Bianca chases her.

As the smoke clears, Bianca picks up Axew while thinking that it is Zorua. Powerful and unrelenting, Sawk puts up a furious battle, aggressively attacking again and again! He says that a Stunfisk that crawls on the ground can handle the air too, depending on how it is trained.

Confident that Emolga wihes win, he orders a Close Combat, hitting Emolga hard. Don George is shocked that the next competitors are already on the field. All Season 14 Episodes.

Try to whitelist our email address noreply sharetv. However, the real Georgia comes storming over and Zorua transforms back and dodges Bianca, who crashes into Georgia, thinking she is Zorua.

Return to Login Forgot Password. Cilan says that since it is a battle, it won’t be easy. Emolga excitedly agrees and Stephan asks if they are ready.

Personal tools Create account Log in. Sawk can still attack, and lands a Double Kick, hitting Emolga hard twice. Emolga uses Attract again, as Sawk again blocks the attack. Cilan says that now Emolga has a fighting chance.


The privacy and security policies differ. Snivy uses Leaf Storm to hit Pawniard and knocks it out, even though she became unstuck from the ground.

Zorua jumps on Burgundy’s head, as she chases Dr. Scald hits Larvesta, but it doesn’t do any damage which surprises everyone.

Pokémon Season: 14

The Volt Tackle ends with him woozily saying “You’re definitely alright Zorua Pokemoon Dark Abilities Illusion. The commentator announces the semifinals – Dino against Ash, and Luke against Iris.

Cilan says that even though has doesn’t object to Larvesta using its mobility to dodge Thundershock easily, that Larvesta’s movement has limits since it crawls against the ground. Snivy is very proud of herself for winning the battle. Zorua transforms back and runs away giggling, with Bianca in hot pursuit.

Sawk uses Double Kick, as Emolga is able to dodge one. Darumaka Type Fire Abilities Hustle. Stephan says that he won’t go easy on Emolga even though it is a female, and that they will battle with intensity and heat.

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