In view of mounting protests and calls for its scrapping, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration backtracked on Thursday and suspended the guidelines on direct hiring of Filipino workers by foreign employers. As institutions providing services to migrant workers and advocating for their rights, we urge the government to: Aside from being the source of OFW woes, recruitment agencies even aggravate the situation of abused migrant workers. Denial of an application will result in the forfeiture of the filing fee. Payment of Fees and Posting of Bonds. Employment of Youth Aged 15 to less than 18 years. Guidelines on the Implementation of the Training cum Project on Welding. Adelantar , supra note

They also wanted the withdrawal of a POEA policy regulating the deployment of domestic helpers and a memorandum governing recruitment of land-based Filipino workers. Upon approval of the application, the applicant shall pay a license fee of P50, What is material is that his death occurred during the term of his employment contract. Implementation of the Automatic Additional Lien of P 1. Institute policies and mechanisms for effective and concrete protection of Filipino migrant workers. The number of employees to be hired directly shall not exceed 5. Or those in countries like Kuwait where a worker is allowed to directly seek an employer if the previous employer for at least two year permits him or her?

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Filipino migrant workers, however, were not fooled. Guidelines for the Implementation of Policy and Program on Tuberculosis. Petitioner, however, alleges that respondent’s claim for death benefits should be denied because there was no reasonable work connection between Jerry’s death and his illness. Overcharging of fees in particular has put Filipino migrants in a situation where they are unable to escape from the debt trap cycle. How can the government still claim that putting OFWs in the hands of recruitment agencies is for their protection?

Suspension of Labor Inspection Activities effective Nov. Amidst the clamor against neglect, the government of then President Ramos swiftly passed the Magna Carta for OFWs that contained motherhood statements of protection and services while also slyly pushing through the deregulation agenda. Guidelines on the Implementation of the Training cum Project on Welding. Finally, the MIRB was scrapped in He was immediately treated, but on December 29,he again fell ill.


With the additional hassle of passing through agencies, an employer who wants to direct hire a worker will be strongly discouraged to hire a Filipino.

Temporary suspension on the processing and deployment of Filipino worker. This triggered a widespread outrage among OFWs especially in Hong Kong where the campaign was most intense. In the absence of stipulation, attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation, other than judicial costs, cannot be recovered, except:. This plan was crystallized in the Republic Act or the Migrant’s Act of Stated differently, for death of a seafarer to be compensable, the death must occur during the term of his contract of employment.

Distressed migrants are oftentimes left to fend for themselves. It is totally irrational and illogical to use a principle as basis to revoke one policy and then use the same principle to institutionalize a new one that is essentially the same as the repealed rule. Cansilayan, Murcia, Negros Occ.

It carries no distinction among the Filipino workers being hired that include current OFWs who are renewing their contracts and those with finished contracts or pre-terminated contracts and are transfering employers. Of the cases handled by the MFMW last year, indicated that their employment was facilitated by recruitment agencies.

POEA suspends direct hiring memo for OFWs | News | GMA News Online

Amending Certain provisions of D. The antecedent facts are as follows: Recently, Articles 29 and 30 of the law that stipulated deregulation were repealed from the Magna Carta. Costs against the petitioner. Hence, this petition, raising the following serirs issues: Temporary suspension of contract processing and deployment of Nigeria bo. This will mean that recruitment agencies will have a field day with overcharging. Based on the certification itself, petitioner’s accredited physician had attested that Jerry was fit to work prior to his deployment.

Worth noting, Jerry boarded the ship on August before the said temporary restraining order was lifted on June memoraneum, by virtue of Memorandum Circular No. Provision of a performance bond equivalent to the worker’s three months salary to guarantee compliance of the employer with the provisions of the employment contract.

Based on records, complainant’s husband was issued a fit to work certification by [Coastal’s] accredited physician prior to his deployment and was reported by the ship’s captain to be “healthy and energetic”…when he joined the vessel, but barely 5 months thereafter he died as a result of illness during the term of his contract and not from his own willful or criminal act. The potential loss of job opportunity is a greater tragedy for any OFW who could have been assured of an employer if not for the MC What will happen to OFWs in Macau, for example, who are mostly directly hired?



Expansion of Learnable Trades. The Court of Appeals, however, dismissed the petition and ruled that based on Section 20 A 11 of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration POEA Standard Memorandun Contract, 12 it is sufficient that Jerry’s death occurred during the term of his employment as to entitle his beneficiaries to claim death benefits.

The Decision dated May 20, is affirmed in toto. Creation of Health Resource Development Network. When did recruitment agencies ever become champions of OFW services and protection? Provision of a performance bond equivalent to the worker’s three months salary to guarantee compliance of the employer with the provisions of the employment contract iii. Expansion of Apprenticeable Trades. This will be a cause for massive confusion among the OFWs and the employers on top of the inconvenience that it will put in an otherwise simple process.

Action upon the application.

On January 8,while confined at the city hospital in Dharan, Saudi Arabia, Jerry died due to “acute cessation of blood circulation and respiration. MC negates the gains of Filipino migrants in previous struggles for their rights and wellbeing.

It shall submit an Escrow Agreement in the amount of Circulr, MC will result to loss of jobs memorandu employment opportunities The new guidelines provide for pre-qualification of employers wishing to direct hire a Filipino worker.

Hence, this petition, raising the following as issues:. Amendments on the Article of P.

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