Rather than the AV receiver. Pro logic II simply decode the stereo and ”interpret” the signal into 5 seperate channels Suitable for acoustic instruments, vocals and jazz. PLIIx does minimal processing – it just matrixes the rear channels. But it is mostly to use with only two or three speakers front to ‘simulate’ some surround ‘landscape’ from them when you sit dead center between them. I get output only from the center channel speaker, two front side speakers and subwoofer. Your nickname or email address:

Guide to the best HTiB surround sound systems. For example you could say that when a DD 5. Although they mean the same thing as listening modes with the Onkyo receivers. It is comfortable driving our reference PMC Twenty5 package through the rumbles and thumps of a high-action thriller, with the added solidity felt across the board as voices and soundtracks benefit from its authority and stability. If you want some more information on the different types of audio formats, go to the guide to surround sound formats for more details. It will send a lower level to the rear speakers. Thanks for your support.

How many out there still have their original working well like me?

I always find dolby plII works best with stereo but i suppose it depends on what you prefer. Who likes THX Cinema mode? These modes disable much of the digital processing that occurs when you use one of the standard modes.

Dolby PLII or DTS Neo:6 listening modes? | AVForums

The AV receiver will often automatically select moviie when it receives a Dolby Atmos bitstream from the player. Receiver preset is set to PLIIx for most sources.

Although they mean the same thing as listening modes with the Onkyo receivers. Direct and Pure Audio attempt to play what’s on the source with very little processing. This is because AV receivers make the process transparent, with as little intervention from the user as possible. This mode is for use onkgo Dolby Digital sources.


Or even better, if someone actually knows the purpose and benefits of any of the settings, i’d love to learn more about them. Don’t see a “surround” button on my remote, there is a listening mode section that has 4 buttons: Replacing the center speaker fixed all my problems! If your Kovie receiver doesn’t support the decoding of a particular format on the disc, it may be that your Blu-ray player does.

Rear surround effect missing with Pro Logic II

You have to understand the signal input. But if the THX modes also matrix, then why wouldn’t people use that if the receiver has it?

If you have a 2 channel source, Stereo is recommended for listening to Music. Some of these listening modes will involve the direct decoding and playback of the encoded audio from the disc.

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Wondered what everyone else uses? It offers full-bandwidth on all channels, with great independence between the channels.

Find More Posts by LordoftheRings. Suitable for classical or operatic music, This mode emphasizes the surround channels in order to widen the stereo image, and simulates the natural reverberation of a large hall. Bear in mind, different makes and models may have different processing modes.

Guide to the best HTiB surround sound systems. You may find that you like them, but they were probably included primarily for users upgrading from older Onkyo receivers.

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This is why I was wondering if since I’m only running 6. Jun 1, at You can select a standard listening mode if and only if you’re receiving the associated signal type. Excellent choice for TV shows or Movies with only a 2 channel audio stream so you can make use of all your speakers and get a surround sound experience. Sometimes the stereo mode is best the one which adds the sub in. Track this discussion and email me when there are updates.


For outdoor or indoor distributed audio — Full Mono is recommended, as it will ensure the area is covered equally by the sound field. It makes a great upgrade ,ovie a budget amp. It means, do everything in a standard manner according to all the other sound settings you’ve set. Before you buy an AV receiver or Blu-ray player, you can check which audio decoding it supports.

I think you’ll agree, this is a good thing! Last edited by LordoftheRings; at Or, you may feel adventurous and select Dolby Pli to hear this stereo music track as 5. In this mode, sound localization is distinct with emphasis on bass. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So, you will never be in the situation where you cannot hear the sound from a disc that you buy.

In this mode, audio from the input source is output as-is. May 7, Messages: To decode the audio on your AV receiver, you should set the audio output of the player to ‘bitstream’.

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