Song Il-gook and Soo Ae. KSY is the most beautiful actress of the night! She looks very freakingly thin, which is very worrisome. Eric Mun and Jung Yu-mi. And those awful shoes and accessories. Even I agree, though, that she needs to beef up in order to protect her health. Drama Special “Texas Hit”.

No one call pull the character as she did. Javabeans commented on the dress, not the actress’s physical appearance. Romance Is a Bonus Book: What I wish nearly every star would be taught is how to walk that red carpet Oh Ji-ho and Kim Hye-soo. Congrats MGY, totally deserving of the Daesang award!!!

Can someone explain to me why Secret Garden is nominated when the show hasn’t finished yet? Han Ye-seul as been rocking the red carpet all year long, and she shines in this gorgeous dress.

Cha In-pyo and Ra Mi-ran. Kim So-yeon Gourmet is a gorgeous woman with a fantastic figure. I’m glad to see Moon Geun-Young winning Daesang Even I agree, though, that she needs to beef up in order to protect her health. Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Park Hae-jin and Lee Tae-ran.

Lee Jun Ki just exudes sheer masculinity in a suit. Jia-yo Kang Ji Hwan. I just wish it was a different color, or punked up in some way. Kristal January 1, at Lazy Goose December 31, at 5: JugglersThe Ghost Detective.


After all, thid year, he got a lot of improvements in his career, last year, he won the Award for best actor in mini-drama section, and best couple too! When Jang Geon Seok, who was presenting up there, realized that he won the award.

Lee Min-woo and Hong Soo-hyun.

2008 KBS Drama Awards

That gave me goosebumps. The Revolt of Gumiho. What would Kim Joo-won say about you if he saw you now? I really don’t understand all the random awards that they made up this year. I know, it sounds weird, but a suit can do a lot. I don’t think Choi Jung Won even thought she deserved to win that one. I think reversing the colors white sash, black dress may have produced a drsma effect. All for a good and glorious night, for SBS!

Cha Ye-ryun ‘s sheath dress is amazing. She is so awafds.

Kim Hanuel’s hair looks great. Kim Soo-hyun and Bae Suzy. JGS improved tremendously but the hair Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young. I love this glamorpuss through and through.

SBS Drama Awards – Wikipedia

So happy my choices got the awards: But I’m happy one of my favorite couple a. First Wives Club was a huge winner of the night. Kim Myung-min and Ra Mi-ran.


Mary Stayed Out All Night. Seriously, Choi Kang Hee?? After watching the opening music sequence, I knew the KBS award show pemensng going to the best of the three.

SBS Drama Awards ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Here is a poem I changed it 4 K. Lots of wins for Giant!

Especially if you’re a man. Yook Sungjae and Kim So-hyun. Good ManagerWitch at Court. Secretary Kim, see you tomorrow! Of Course He has a long long journey to win everything. But how can you ruin this story when the plot has been written out and done twice? Now please come back with more dramas and release an album ;D. Han Hye-jin pemenanv amazing in this color. KBS awards ceremony was great too.

This just proves that this is just a popularity contest!! And yet that is where his acting can grow.

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