She proposes that Bisexual Asian Studies should have its own building, as well as a plan to change the campus mascot to a Whooping Crane instead of an offensive Native American character during their Bicentennial Anniversary. You might enjoy The Offsping’s cover of ‘Feelings’. I love McArthur Park but my sanity does not bear close scrutiny. So all these people are stuck in a room listening to “Afternoon Delight” over and over again including the college republicans with their leader wonderfully played by David Spade. Garcia-Thompson conspires behind closed doors with Balls and Shaft to get the established residents of The Pit kicked off campus and give Rand control of the house. The one that Kim Kardashian sang. I LOVE that song!

LOL I love it too and have never understood the hate. Pink Floyd saved my life. Madonna’s version of “American Pie”. This has got to be one of the worst to ever become a hit. That is a song from my childhood. And they have a good plan on getting rid of it. Left unpaid, the campus would seize their house, leaving them homeless and unable to continue attendance at PCU without getting jobs. I guess that’s one of my guilty pleasures.

Shocking, No Air Supply? Response to annonymous Reply My My MY Sharona or some shit like that. By using this site, you agree to the Aftternoon of Use and Privacy Policy. Click on all the videos in this thread and let them roil simultaneously. That must be the explanation — baked to a golden brown.

The melody is actually quite nice. Manilow has like four songs. Look what you made me do.


PCU soundtrack on Spotify

Hilarity Ensues as he manages to piss off half the campus, with his only safety between two groups, which themselves hate each other: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Seasons in the Sun Interesting story of your salvation.

On the way out he then puts one of those Clubs you use for your car on the doors leading into the fundraiser so no one can get out. Seasons in the Sun. Aww c’mon – she had Jonesy for an album! Site search Web search. How about “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. Oh, I love those! God, I saw him at a club in Brazil, Indiana in Left unpaid, the campus would seize their house, leaving them homeless and unable to continue attendance at PCU without getting jobs. Ha, even Billy Graham hated it.

PCU (Film) – TV Tropes

I have everything in this thread beat by two words: That is pretty great. We didn’t start the Fire, Billy Joel. I wanted to kill Quentin Tarantino for a while I always imaged if there was a hell it would be something like that! She provokes the Pit residents with a damage bill from their past semester.

Preppy pre-freshman pre- frosh Tom Lawrence Chris Movif visits PCU Port Chester Universitya college where fraternities have been outlawed and political correctness is rampant on campus. In the discussion thread: Back to OP Alert abuse Link to post in-thread. Well I get the voice bit, but man he put out some good music.


Archived from the afternoom on I had never really seen the lyrics. Pink Floyd saved my life. Gee maybe I too have gone over the edge.

No – here is Herman Cain’s cover of it! Anything by Bobby Goldsboro. Meanwhile, Rand complains about all the other student groups, unaware that Droz has surreptitiously used the podium microphone to broadcast his rant to the entire campus.

Trapped forever in a room with college republicans while “Afternoon Delight” is on endless repeat. A kid’ll eat ivy, too. Another awful one but funny. I think I peed a little I laughed so hard You might enjoy The Offsping’s cover of ‘Feelings’.

I hated that song aftrenoon the first time I heard it.

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My mother would sing those. The theme song of ‘Neighbours’. However, Balls and Shaft has the allegiance of the left-wing school president, at least in the sense of both hating The Pit. I really, really, Really hate “Don’t Worry be Happy”. The party at first appears to be a failure. Both groups were spun off from Psi Kappa Mu after fraternities were banned from the school in the late s.

Principal photography took place almost entirely in and around Toronto with the University of Toronto serving as Port Chester University.

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