There is thus a special connection between Theotokos, prayer, hymns and bezmolvie in the Russian context. Sergij is described in the hymns though the metaphor of a wise chain. The new Russian martyrs At two different Church Councils, at Nicea in and Constantinople in , it was established that both word and image were legitimate and necessary tools for spreading the Christian message. Login with your Institution. The other cloth, the Epitaphios, was larger and came to be the icon of the body of Christ and the grave of Christ, as previously noted, and began to be carried in proces- sion on Good Friday and only then. Gathering a multitude of monks, thou hast enlightened them with the doctrines of Orthodoxy.

We can compare it with this passage in the Triads: Particularly in the Russian tradition, hymns have relatively recently given rise 2 Gerhard Podskalsky, personal communication. Such texts are rare in Russia, where no classical heritage was manifest, yet in the vita of Epifanij Premudryj we have this very interesting example. Patriarch Germanos who died in interpreted the theatrical liturgical practice in more detail in his work, On the divine liturgy: This hymn later developed into a genre, namely a Kontakion with chairetisms, a genre which acquired great significance during the hesychastic period. The interest in form as well as the non-dualistic tendency can be linked with hesychasm. Let us summarise the characteristics of the perception of Sophia in Russian thought which have been discussed in our preceding analyses. Only one of his major works, a denunciation of Catholicism, and a minor one, directed against the Byzantine heretical movement known as chione, are found in Church Slavonic versions from this period.

Marina Cvetaeva and the Visual Arts in: A Companion to Marina Cvetaeva

Serdcz motifs, earlier banned, were used in abundance. The state of quiet bliss in which Theotokos finds herself is also called umile- nie, or eleousa in Greek.

There was no counterpart to the Byzantine humanists in Russia at this time, and no one defended the ideas of segdca antiquity. The motif exists throughout the Orthodox world, but I wish to concentrate on its use within the Russian context, studying this phenomenon not primarily as a theological, but rather as an artistic and semiotic manifestation Ill.


I doubt, however, that it would be correct to consider these hymns entirely an expression of the theology of icons. The statement of the dogmatic importance of the veneration of icons is, in the hymn, placed on the same level as other central dogmas of Orthodoxy. Pletenie sloves is used, for example, in this hymn sung during Lent, here in the standard Church Slavonic translation from the Triodion: The dissemination of this theology in Russia is discussed in the first chapter of this book; here I wish to consider the practical consequences of that theology.

A smaller cloth with the original Byzantine burial image mentioned pamiat continued to be used as an altar cloth, but was no longer carried in procession.

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Their kanons and dogmatic decrees, Grand Rapidsp. The psychology of the Trinity I will now discuss the role of Theotokos in two of the most important vitae of the time: It was established that it is acceptable to depict the divine in human form because God took shape and form in Christ. The theme of Wisdom thus bears great significance in the Russian iconogra- phy of the time.

Serddca freezes and turns into eternity in this multitude of chaire.

Another significant aspect of this hymnography is the blurring of the ad- dressee of the hymns. We have yet another paradox: A study of the vitae might even lead us to doubt the very existence of any theologically hesychastic influence within the Russian tradition.

The first was the adoption of a new ordo, the Pamjzt ustav, which required a much greater proportion of hymns in the services than the earlier Studion ordo. Another characteristic trait is the abstract nature of this style — in many of the vitae we learn almost pamjst ing concrete about the lives of the saints or their surroundings. The vita exhibits the same style, with the same Mariological theme, as in the vita of St. Flm can be viewed as a summing up of a study that has been my focus throughout my years as a scholar in the field of Slavistics.


Epitaphios and modern Russian literature This artistic whole, comprised by the union of text, image and liturgical practice, has been integrated in Russian fiction and, in particular, poetry.

Marina Cvetaeva and the Visual Arts

The divine energies are a joint manifestation of all three hypostases of God here on earth. The hymn is sung to a very slow melody, which is used to express some of the character of the slow-moving procession — time nearly comes to a standstill.

The increased importance of Mariological worship in this period It is clear that the Mariological theme flourished in Byzantium, as in Russia, during this period. This type of icon, uniting heaven and earth, is very common during this period. The genre flourished between the sixth and tenth centuries. Three apologies against those who attack the divine images, New Yorkp. Let all who do not share this faith be covered with shame; but we shall glory in the icon of the Word made flesh, which we venerate but worship not as an idol.

The notions of wisdom and divine energy converge in this motif. The genre system consists of Troparia and kontaki, i. Here pletenie sloves refers to classical rhetoric and the term dilm used in pamiat context that is negative toward the phenomenon.

The impact of Byzantium upon him is evident. It is important to bear in mind fillm the hymnographs of the time and not only Theophanes were almost exclusively ardent defenders of icons, the most 23 Ibid. I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with both leading scholars in this field, Jurij Lotman and Boris Uspenskij, who have been a great inspiration for this work. In this case, too, the vision is connected to the reading of the Akathistos hymn by the saint, and it is even precisely noted what he was reading when the Mother of God appeared:

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