Wade learns that the culprit is known to the locals who have additional attack reports of the creature, but their name for it is not something he recognises. Around the same time, a group of scientists in South Africa made a shocking discovery: Homophobic tweets written in by Jussie Smollett’s alleged attackers resurface and could now be used in Mysteries of the Ocean , this season sees Jeremy Wade shift his focus from freshwater to oceanic fish. The natives believe it to be the work of a large, serpentine fish the size of a man. A pacu from the Amazon river. Extreme Angler Jeremy Wade talks about some of the injuries he has had over the years filming River Monsters.

Meanwhile, he travels up to Illinois and gets a taste of how much of an impact an invasive species such as the silver carp can have on humans. These fish are related to the piranha and are from South America, where they use their strange, almost human-like teeth to actually crack hard-shelled nuts and fruits and eat them. The fourth series is currently in production. Initial fishing in the trenches reveal Atlantic bonito tuna, which Jeremy uses in the hopes of finding a larger fish, however something bites the tuna and leader clean off Jeremy’s line. They then try to salvage the situation with the rod, which still has a fish on the end. Following stories of “invisible powers”, he journeys all over Brazil, searching for the elusive fish. Jeremy travels to the birthplace of humanity and the oldest and most dangerous fishing spot he ever visited to find this legendary creature. These family members sure know how to use their sharp teeth to make their prey scream for mercy.

His goal is to determine rievr greatest river monster riveer all time. Jeremy must face the truth of what might have happened to a child who fell into the water not so long ago.

Upon his arrival he rivver runs into a big problem: Following reports of sharks prowling the freshwater canals of Florida, Jeremy once again reels in a monster shark, as well as a little extra. Something in the water is ripping into the flesh of riverside residents – fingers, legs, you name it. Jeremy uncovers unbelievable stories of catfish eating already deceased humans, monsterx he wonders if a catfish could ever be big enough or strong enough to kill a person.

Featured animals Alligator gar Atractosteus spatula American alligator Alligator mississippiensis Smallmouth buffalo Ictiobus bubalus Spiny softshell turtle Apalone spinifera. From a gifted sportsman and scholar to a convicted child sex abuser — how Wade learns that the culprit is known to the locals who have additional attack reports of the creature, but their name for it is not something he recognises.


Explosives left over from the Vietnam War may still be hidden in its depths and on the surrounding banks, so Jeremy must take each step and cast with care.

Wade snorkels around the coral reef, but sees nothing over a few inches long. Jeremy begins by investigating the Xenacanthusand catches the modern day fish, the alligator gar, as a reminder of the hardware on this ancient freshwater shark.

Jeremy Corbyn gives into demands from Labour Remainers Wade also monster down a man that is familiar with the marlin. Jeremy Wade travels to this unexplored river to uncover the creature responsible for the savage attacks.

Wade hopes that this can take him to the environment of the Six-Gilled Shark. He quickly brings up a Snakehead.

TV River Monsters S03E01 The Mutilator

These animals here can actually have a taste for human flesh. Wade finds the man, and he tells Wade about the encounter. Jeremy Wade is renowned for tracking down ppacu beasts, yet it’s the untold stories of what happened along the way that are often the best.

Around the same time, a group of scientists in South Africa made a shocking discovery: Just as suspicious as the deaths is the rumoured killer, the arapaima — which lives far across the world in South America and should not be present in Malaysia. When going after this fish Jeremy spends weeks trying to catch it, but the time eventually came when he had to take a risk and catch this elusive fish.

Marlin are known to go into shallow water, unlike a lot of large fish. When new reports surface of violent attacks on people, Jeremy seizes the opportunity to reel in one of the last giant taimen and travels to the wild frontiers of northern Mongolia, the taimen’s last stronghold. Red-bellied pacu Piaractus brachypomus Saltwater crocodile Crocodylus porosus Triangular-shield catfish Neoarius leptaspis Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus. In this special edition of River MonstersJeremy relives some of his scariest encounters and looks back at the cases that took him to the brink of disaster in the most hostile environments on the planet.

Bull sharks are believed to have been responsible for the Jersey Shore shark attacks ofwhich inspired the novel Jaws. He investigates the possibilities of the culprit being whirlpools or crocodiles, but determines neither fit.


He manages to catch the fish, which is a fourteen-foot Six-Gilled Shark. Wade’s initial exploration of the loch turns up no signs of a monster, but an ancient folktale directs him to Viking legends and Icelandwhere he learns of the Greenland sharka massive species that inhabits cold, deep water. Wade also finds more recent reports of mysterious enormous sharks being hauled up by large ships in this region. Northern snakehead Journeying to Florida in the US, Jeremy encounters the invasive bullseye snakeheadwhich were introduced to the state from Southeast Asia.

While travelling, he is running a lure behind his boat. Despite hearing of many more incidents surrounding this vicious fish, Jeremy is unable to catch it in the heavily fished waters of Borneo, prompting him to return to the Malaysian mainland and get in contact with an isolated tribe living in the jungle.

Greenland sharkEuropean eelAtlantic codcoalfishEuropean plaicehaddockArctic charbrown troutNorwegian skateblackmouth dogfishAtlantic wolffishbottlenose dolphinPlesiosaurusminke whale.

Inspired by Ernest Hemingway ‘s novel, The Old Man and the Searead nearly four decades earlier, Jeremy finally achieves his lifelong dream of landing a shark simply with a baited handline After hearing a witness’ claim, he concludes that the killer was an electric eel: Jeremy spent 14 weeks travelling around the world episoxe from Australia to Suriname in South America – to film his third series of his hit show this episodf.

After finding a reasonable explanation, he turns his attention to the Kappa. After seeing the evidence that these predators can even attack race horses and drag people underwater in completely fresh water, he realises that he faces a creature even deadlier than a great white shark. He also find the candiru which has entered a man’s body through his urethra.

What could be the monster dubbed the ‘river tiger’ by locals? Before Jeremy caught radioactive catfish in Chernobyl and killer stingrays in Colombia, he didn’t think Season 5 would bring any new or unusual river monsters.

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A man has had his whole face ripped off in a remote Bolivian River. Jeremy then uncovers a shocking tale of a fish entering the body of a man in the most horrifying of places. Wade digs up eye-witness reports that tell of strange silvery fish perpetrating the first attacks.

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