WCG Succeeded By: Season 1 ProBots – Season 1. He faced PartinG in the round of 8, and managed to defeat the Protoss player to move on to the round of 4 to face another Protoss teammate in sOs. After taking down Shuttle by a score of 2: After these matches, he expressed his delight of getting to play on stage for the OSL final rounds, which he described as being his long time dream. This page was last edited on 28 January , at He placed first in his group with the map score of , thus lifting himself back up to Code S.

TL Map Contest 5 Open. Two days later, in the playoffs, he managed to see off Soulkey in the quarterfinals but his run was halted by PartinG , in a close semifinals. The latter player eventually took the upper hand, hence ending Rain’s run in the championship one round away from the top four and second best KeSPA player behind RorO , who placed fourth , which still awarded him a seed in the WCS Asia Finals. However, Ro16 was not kind to him and PartinG got swept from the group by Polt and Sniper with latter winning whole season later. However, he was able to advance from his group undefeated by beating Lucky and Petraeus I thought I could watch 30min late and still see the end of game OlimoLeague Monthly – February.

The only bad thing about this is that I haven’t yet heard Chobra say Healbats. After advancing through his group with a score ofaLive advanced in to the second group stage.

World Cyber Games Champion. In the second game, Rain managed to get a warp prism into DongRaeGu’s base and to kill off the crucial Greater Spire, allowing Rain to delay the production of Brood Lords.


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World Cyber Games In the group stage of the Battle. He defeated Jaedong in this encounter, and went on to appear in the majority of the matches played by SK Telecom T1 in the league, being used as the team’s ace player. Hellbat man has got problems lol, he looks clueless.

The score was in oorea for TSL at at that point.

Rain defeated hyvaa, and Fantasy but lost to First, due to how the situation in the group turned out tiebreakers had dxy take place. I do agree with Artosis that Innovation seems scarier if they were to go into a macro game.

Fragbite Masters Season 4. He qualified into the Ro16 by beating Life He faced PartinG in the round of 8, and managed to defeat the Protoss player to move on to the round of 4 to face another Protoss teammate in sOs.

What is the scourge range attack?

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In the round of 8, he was defeated by INnoVation. Licenses for other media varies. Rain who was then known as Sun began his career as a progamer quite late in the Brood War era, playing his first official match in April in individual league preliminaries. INnoVation Game 1 Seasoh vs.

[OSL] RO4 Day 1 WCS Korea Season 2 2013

Despite losing to herOhe was able to take down Solar twice and move on into the Round of Rain won and advanced into the Ro4, where he ultimately lost to Polt in a back and forth series in favour of Polt and finished tournament in 3rd-4th place. In Ro16, Rain was able to take down KeeN and Trap to win his group again and move into wca bracket second time in a row.


He was able to defeat Tiger by a score of and grabbed third place.

After taking down Shuttle by a score of 2: Regular Season Grp S. Most anticipated possible finals?

He won his Ro16 group by defeating Oz and MacSed These results kept him his Code S spot, but he was not able to advance to the Ro Although he didn’t get the chance to take revenge on YongHwa, Super advanced in first place with a score. If you have time. Tournament of Champions 3.

In the round of 16, PartinG defeated Scarlett 3: Super joined Invasion eSportwhich has since ossl an effort to send Super to international tournaments, on October 12, Despite that, Rain dominated the finals winning and thus becoming the first player to win the GSL Code S whilst being on a foreign team.

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