How do you know it? We have no relationship. Let’s cut these bills from heroine’s remuneration. Let’s listen to some songs. He likes you very much. Heart is a beautiful celestial garden How can you say not to worry? He doesn’t have common sense also, fool!

He said the introduction was great. How many fights l have fought? Ravi Ravi Teja works as an assistant director and Narayana M. That’s the problem with you guys. Don’t disturb me, we are opening a shop, cut the call, bloody. Will you write love scenes also? Why not plan something like clouds of Dasari Narayana Rao? You wait man, l’ll call you later.

Send someone from your family, l need to talk to them.

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But still, we love films. Your health seems to be deteriorating, why don’t you see a doctor? Boss, look at me. Serve him food and send him. Didn’t we tell you not to come here?

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Who do you think he is? My friend has one. We can’t get our time wasted like ndninthe. You’ve great command on story, screenplay, fights, dance, in all crafts. What wrong did you do to hate yourself?


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He likes you very much. Say l’ll talk to him later.

May be she’ll come. We will go to the distributor’s office. There is a bedroom downstairs. With God’s grace if Ravi’s story is accepted.

Will you write love scenes also? By luck he became a director, there won’t be any affair between them, people must think they have an affair, that’s what he wants. Will she come for money? Don’t friends in real life call each other informally?

What a command on dialogues sir! Ram – Lakshman Story – dialogues – screenplay – direction: He’s not a boy but a director.

Cash balance is 1. Change these things when you become a director.

Connect to YouTube No thanks. Get me a tea, l’ll tell you a good story. Got a YouTube account? All you’ve is just today only Why did you come here again?

Tell me villain’s name. Though we disagreed, Nizam was given to the same distributor. Tell your friend not to touch Witn again. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 1 Edit Subtitles. Villain at the same time, will shout from behind Why don’t you find a job for my sister? Have you gone mad, my dear? You’ll think about jovie and you want me to think about you, Oh no! Put 2 chairs there. What are you staring at me?


Give me the knife. Desires touch the sky But why are you ruining your property to make it run days? Why is she coming here?

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You tell him sir. Not only that, l’ve a goal and a career. Just because l’m silent, don’t try to interfere in everything. No, free for 10 days. Shyam K Naidu Editing See, how many are fighting it out to join. Sai, listen to me.

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