No 32 Paige is sunbathing by the pool. He also admits he’d hate to hold Amber back from her dream job opportunity, so says he could come up some weekends. No 30 Paul arrives and asks Toadie for details about the prospective buyer of Steph says that it’s not up to Belinda what she does, and that she has to apologise to Toadie. He tells her to relax. She says that No 26 is on sale, whereas Sheila says it has been sold to her.

If you don’t get out now, you could stand to lose everything. You tell Amber we’ll be getting legal advice. Audible Download Audio Books. She knew that she shouldn’t but she went there anyway. Glossing over it, Doug suggests Lou open his present. If that’s what you want.

Neighbours | Episode 7269 | 3 december 2015 (HD)

She says Paul brought it on himself. When Josh suggests they leave neihgbours, Doug says they should stay and make the most of the peace and quiet, to think about his situation with Amber.

Obviously tricky, as there aren’t many in Erinsborough. He explains that it was just baking powder. Sonya Rebecchi Scarlett Anderson Toadie advises him to leave, but too late. While Indiana goes to get her costume, Kyle remarks that she seems keen on Tyler. Amber reassures Josh that he’s not a terrible dad, and that that isn’t why she’s moving away. I just wish there was something I could do to help you. Paul points out he wanted this job, and warns him not to say anything to Imogen.

OK, can you leave now. I can’t have anything to do with this. In fact, the negihbours reason why I haven’t reported her is out of respect for you. She insists that being with the Rebecchis is not good for Steph.


Mark goes up to him and wants to talk to him at the station, but he says that Lou slept with his wife.

Indiana is sympathetic, but Tyler is desperate to get rid of Piper so that he can continue his attempts to woo Indiana. He looks over at Daniel, who also denies it. Carla Bonner does not appear Aaron Brennan: Steph asks Belinda to explain it her.

I didn’t think it would affect my relationship with him as much as it did. You’re gonna desert me on Christmas?

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And I can think of a perfect way to start. Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars. Paul denies saying anything. Imogen doesn’t like who he is. Karl suggests Pachabel’s Canon, or Beethoven’s funeral march.

neighbougs Things were different with you and Beth. Penthouse Apartment Imogen says that they haven’t seen much of each other recently and Daniel promises that it’s all going to change, because they’ve pretty much saved Paul from bankruptcy, provided they make one big payment: Lauren comes out and asks what all the fuss is about.

Tim gets up to go, and Paul tells him he needs his lawyer.

Hang on, you moved in here with me! Look, I know the way Paul bought up the land was a little neghbours That’s a bit worrying Lauren Turner Ariel Kaplan Paul gets a call, saying the police have arrived.

That’s why she came here this afternoon. Toadie tells neighbourss again to leave, and Belinda says it’s Steph’s decision.


Previously on Neighbours – Lou gets a Buddha statue and a card with a threatening message – Paul tells Daniel he needs a lot more sales to get him out of the mess he’s in – Daniel says he’s good at selling, and he likes the feeling. Amber and Josh are friends. Terence Donovan Indiana Crowe: Amber says she never thought she’d get the job, which is why she kept her application from Josh. Kate Gorman Tim Collins: Kyle Canning Carla Bonner It’ll be worse next time.

You’re talking about taking away his child. You know, have you given any thought to Josh in all of this?

Neighbours 7269 3rd December 2015

They sit down for an OJ together, congratulating themselves on solving the kids’ problems. No 30 Paul arrives and asks Neighbouts for details about the prospective buyer of Lou and Doug leave Josh and Amber to discuss things, saying they should hear each other out before making any decisions.

I don’t trust her. Paul says that Sue pulled a few strings to get the project started. No 32 Lou says the music has to be classical. Glossing over it, Doug suggests Lou open his present. We don’t need a house to live in – we’re not enighbours.

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