Episode Chris offers Sheila some support. Start your free trial. Lauren is put out that Amber is much more excited about work experience than working at Harold’s, and Amber says she is doing it so people might start taking her seriously. Josh realises Lauren has been talking to Terese again, and explains to Amber that they’ve been keeping tabs on them. Manuel doesn’t seem aggrieved by this, and introduces himself. Before she leaves, Terese checks with Lauren that things aren’t weird between them. Seriously, that’s the best comeback you’ve got? Chris sits alone in the rotunda, thinking and looking at pictures of him and Hudson on his phone.

Edit Cast Episode credited cast: You don’t deserve my best comebacks. Elly is stressed after Msrk suggest postponing the wedding. Terese asks Amber which aspect of the hotel interests her the most; Amber hadn’t thought about it, but Terese says that they’ll need to, so she can make the most of her week. You should give it a try, too. Videos Neighbours – Ep. Monday on Neighbours – Josh and Amber argue about their love – life – Matt storms in to confront Josh about what’s happened with Amber – Comedy antics with Matt, Brad and Karl as they train for the fun run – Kate finds out that Gem has been keeping a secret from Georgia about how she met Kyle – Gem overhears Kate and Kyle talking about her, and demands to know what it’s about. Apart from the fact that you say lame things, and you give cars weird names, you’re actually not too bad.

Josh and Amber rebuke their meddling mothers during preparations for Amber’s internship at the hotel. Lassiter’s Lake Chris continues to look despondent, and looks at a picture of him and Hudson on his phone, before deleting it. Kyle is angry that Chris is making an idiot of himself and that he lost him a sale.


Episode Sheila is still suffering from post traumatic stress Episode Do you think Chris is ready to move on? He then gets up to go somewhere. You can’t pull it off.

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Mark still won’t express his feelings neighboours Sonya’s diagnosis to Elly. Terese admits she feels like a hypocrite trying to control Josh’s love – life, given her own memories of being seventeen, and doesn’t get what the big deal is, despite Amber’s recent problems with Robbo.

However, Kyle tells her that not every hook – up is the end of the world; Chris is episod having fun and not hurting anyone. I’m not gonna go out with someone else just so that you can feel better about yourself. Search for ” Episode 1. The fundraiser for Sonya and Toadie is underway, with the biggest shock of all coming from the highest bidder of the day, Callum.

Neighbours Episode Guide: 6746-6770

Can the Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster? Episode Amber’s frustration at Josh begins to grow.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone neiyhbours tablet! No 26 – Kitchen: They all go inside.

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Dial-A-Kyle Kyle is negotiating with Marley, the guy Chris bumped into in Harold’s, about a price for what looks like a pallet of wood. 670 asks Amber which aspects of the hotel she is interested eppisode, and Amber quickly makes the decision that reception is the area she wants to work in. Manuel doesn’t seem aggrieved by this, and introduces himself.

Episode The Turners are taken aback by Brad and Terese’s views on their parenting Try 10 All Access.

Episode Chris puts Kate in her place. Anger consumes Leo when he learns that Paul and Terese are now together, and he is ready for revenge.


Neighbours Episode Guide: 6726-6750

Gary has an awful first day at his new job at 650 warehouse. Mason says Imogen is actually not too bad and thanks her for the drive last week.

Episode The strange behaviour begins No 26 Kate arrives home to find another topless man heading into Chris’s room. Dial-A-Kyle Kyle moans to Kate that Chris is out of control, having explained how he scared off his customer by cracking onto him.

Josh comes to get Amber to get her swipecard for the hotel. Remind Me Remind Me. Mason Turner Remy Hii Imogen comes in and talks to Kate – Kate asks about Mason, checking how he’s doing and she tells Imogen she still cares about him as a friend.

In surprise, Manuel drops his towel and gives Sheila quite an eyeful! Lauren then sees Kate across the road and greets her too, just as Mason is coming around the corner. Imogen agrees and tells her what an amazing person he neighbourrs. He says he is not going to go out with Imogen just to make Kate feel better. Lauren thanks Terese for supporting Amber neighboura her work clothing choice; they bicker about how the hotel is very different to Harold’s in terms of size and customer service.

Episode But is he Abel to figure out her true identity? Episode Josh and Amber receive some bad news.

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