Frazer says he’ll go tell his brother. Least of all me. All this and the return of Overprotective Zeke! Mickey Gannon credit only Sweeney Young The General Store Marco needs to run an errand and asks a petulant Lou to serve the customers. Where do they put their keys? Well, you invested all this money just for me? Daniel Fitzgerald Aaron Aulsebrook-Walker

That’s not normal for a girl. Number 30 Frazer is blaming himself for missing Ringo’s problem, and Prue and Rosie agree they think they’ve caught the issue early on. Ned Parker credit only Fletcher O’Leary Rachel wonders if Ringo will consider moving to number 28, and he will, as long as she doesn’t tell anyone about his eating disorder. Kennedys Susan and Zeke are setting the table for dinner when Rachel and Ringo burst through the door. I’m really, really scared for him. I’m not like you.

She stops, all stroppy and hands on hips as if she somehow has a right to their relationship. He’s not taking it from her, and insists that Rachel’s making a big deal of it.

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Rachel telling Ringo she’ll tell Frazer about his eating if he doesn’t; Frazer overhearing. Rosie says they can cancel their trip, but Prue says she’ll take him home with her.

Her increasingly flustered behaviour around Oliver and Rebecca is a joy to behold, although Elle’s final surrendering to her neighbojrs reawakened feelings comes a bit too sudden. Didge, I can’t, okay? Ringo Brown David Hoflin Why do you think? Susan sits with Ringo and asks about the flat-hunting. Sadly for him, Didge insists on chatting with him: Charlie Hoyland credit only Dan O’Connor Karl Kennedy credit only Matthew Werkmeister Prue thinks that they should discuss it with Karl and Susan.


Number 30 Ringo’s missing, but Rosie says there’s nothing to worry about. That’s not normal for a girl. Daniel Fitzgerald Aaron Aulsebrook-Walker I’m really, really scared for him. Paul Robinson credit only Alan Fletcher Frazer says his brother’s not Karl and Susan’s responsibility and he won’t be going anywhere until Ringo is sorted.

Number 30 Frazer is blaming himself for missing Ringo’s problem, and Prue and Rosie agree they think they’ve caught the issue early on. And just at that moment, Rachel flies in, wondering where Ringo is as no-one’s seen him. Then Susan tells his family, but offers a way out: This startles Neoghbours, and he reiterates what Susan said about them changing their plans to suit him.

Number 30 The family are worried about where Ringo’s got to. Unfortunately, Oliver overhears, and Sam runs off to leave Elle to explain.

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Written by KGF Vissers. What do you say? Rachel admits the truth to Susan: I’m not like you.


Susan invites Ringo for dinner, but Rachel asks Susan epissode if Ringo can live with them when his family leave Erinsborough. You are so clueless, Didge.

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She apologises for not saying yes, yesterday, and says that Rachel was looking for him yesterday but couldn’t find him. Rachel retorts that Susan doesn’t know how much Ringo needs them right now. Was this review helpful to you? But I just admitted to liking him! Season 1 Episode meighbours Why do neither of them even have bags?

Ringo’s eating disorder has definitely surfaced now and everyone around him handles it wrong: Number 30 Rosie and Frazer have decided to postpone their episose, and Prue is in agreement.

Bridget yells after her.

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