Lord Brahma cursed Voornanabha! Once upon a time Guru Paramanandayya got booboo on his leg and causing severe pain.. A must listen for all generations. Listen to this story to enhance your understanding on Unity, why it is important and how it can save you from dangers when you stay united with your family and friends. Listen to know the importance of honesty in life. Its a must listen for all of us! One day a old woman presents him a musical chair as a present for his good deeds

Once upon a time Guru Paramanandayya got booboo on his leg and causing severe pain.. Only the 5th wife which is an ant gets blessed with a baby! Track your ranks and reviews from iTunes, Stitcher and more. However, they once got a doubt whether they should see him as their guru or father! Listen to know further.. Check out this story to know about their yet another funny story! Voornabha – a son of Viswakharma once ridiculed Lord Brahma’s creation of this world.

This is a story about how Tenali Ramakrishna teaches a lesson to his neighbor who is a miser! Play this story for your kid and save some screen time! Once upon seawon time a wild boar is sharpening its claws and a fox near by said something funny.

You must have heard from your elders that – “look for 7 generations of each sides before proposing marriage”. Checkout our newest collection of Tenali Ramakrishna audio stories! Proudly presents finale episode of this mega series Kanchukota.


Listen to this story to learn This veam filled story is about a scholar who brags about episoxe knowledge, but meets with an interesting survival challenge. Yes, regardless of their size. An introduction to Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali.

We all know that our 12 idiot students are permanent students to Paramanandayya’s family. There is an old saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

It’s sure brings laughter in your kids! This is the story about clever doctor and rich merchant. Please subscribe, like and share!


Listen to the story of 12 idiots and how they bargain with a merchant to buy cloths. He approaches king and devices a smart plan to take advantage of King! A lone wolf is hungry and comes jeecana various animals. What story would you make up to your kids when asked for bed time story? I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Clean No one is innocent. Listen to this story for such a time with Sri Krishna Devaraya and how Tenali saved the treasure with his clever plan. This is a story about a great law scholar Chaitanya. Each of us have our lucky days where things are on our way and we feel so happy and invincible.

This is the story about a lazy couple who learnt their slacking nature and turns responsible! You must be chuckling right now.


A must listen for people who are experiencing aggression by others or themselves.

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This beautiful fantasy story is about a saint who makes a pact with king to offer their third son, his horse and a dog to him unconditionally! Clean Curb your greed. Did master clarified his doubt? Episode 2 -The story begins.

Clean Treat others fairly. Never ever put your “Head in Lion’s mouth”. Once upon a time there was a great sage Devasharma. This is a story of a sage who knows he is going to die and be born as a pig in next vecam.

This story is about a trickster fox who tries to pretend friendship with a healthy deer only to make it his prey!

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Band or Strikes are bad, they halt overall system and causes enormous losses all around. A must listen for everyone! Sacharachara with Sundaram and friends Mantra, Kirtan and Stotra:

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