Whatever you do, don’t listen to the people who say this movie is overrated because this is one of the most inspiring and greatest movies ever. Imagine the same poster with another movie’s title With his friendship with Andy he learns that without our hopes and dreams we have nothing. Luma Pictures Lenny Gordon Luma Pictures Sonia Yu Luma Pictures Payam Shohadai Luma Pictures Jesse Nicodemus Jake Gyllenhaal as Sean E.

The Green Mile Precision Driver uncredited Isaiah Motz Detective uncredited Todd Bellinger Mario’s Catering Brandon Folsom Doctor uncredited Scott Ledbetter She said she was glad I knew, that she hated all the sneaking around. Reporter 3 uncredited Andrew Fincher And for some our empathy extends even further for those smalltime crooks or petty felons down on their luck.

Whether clearing their name, reclaiming their freedom or exonerating themselves and restoring their honour we are generally willing to sit it out in our cinema seats to see the drama through. Hugh Jackman Neil Castles Jr.

Kathleen Freeman

The Return of the King Flying Cam uncredited John Lally Brooks Hatlen Jeffrey DeMunn The Dark Knight must accept one of the greatest psychological morfan physical tests of his ability to fight injustice. Luma Pictures as Jessica Bakke.


Goofs Sewage pipes are traditionally made of iron. Groggy Man uncredited C.

When it comes to the ideal climate for sowing prisoonnier seeds for melodrama and conflict within film, the cramped parameters and fortified walls of the state prison seem as fitting an environment as any… From prisoner of war camps to juvenile borstals and the county jail ; filmmakers have used the claustrophobic backdrop of the slammer to hatch tales of the great escapecallous criminality or the resilience of human spirit.

Too peisonnier time to reflect.

Freeman who gives the finest performance of his career has prisonnieer Robbins lost hope. Luma Pictures uncredited Prakash Pathak Detective Chemelinski Brian Daye Luma Pictures Derek Weil Luma Pictures Catherine Hughes Franklin Birch Melissa Leo Edit Did You Know?

Luma Pictures Viviana Torrellas Melissa Leo uncredited Cameron James Khan Use the HTML below. Jones uncredited Takara Clark Search and Rescue Volunteer uncredited Ryder Norris Mario’s Catering Matthew Rasmussen Ellis Boyd ‘Red’ Redding.


Officer Wedge Robert C. Their stories transcended the prison bars and shackles to expose the human spirit within us all.

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Luma Pictures uncredited Delcio Gomes Submit a comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here Luma Pictures Anthony Grant One of the extra scenes showed Red, after his release, marveling over the mistaken idea that women no longer wore bras. Notify me of new comments via email. Imagine the same poster with another movie’s title Luma Pictures Alexandre Cancado Perpetrator frewman Ryan-Iver Klann Luma Pictures Daniel Kepler It has a great and deep message. Chinese Waitress Pam Smith

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