In “Forever Young” she talks to Lenny saying they need results. Retrieved 31 March However Stewart gets suspicious how Blane keeps disappearing all the time. Despite their differences they are best friends and always look out for each other. We should go as lobsters. She does not tolerate incompetence, whingers or weaknesses of any other sort.

This is where the Head of M. It’s a list of all our African agents, 0: After managing to escape, the team question how 99p managed to find the centre. Suki is a cold-hearted girl who deliberately dropped a USB flash drive containing information about the S. High were just dreams. He also says later on: His body has been specially designed to withstand the g-forces involved in air flight. MI9 intervened and PM Planer was saved.

An international gymnastics competition comes to St Hope’s with potentially disastrous consequences for national security and the Prime Minister. Stewart, like most of the characters from the first two series’, disappears at the start of series three.

An asteroid threatens to destroy Earth, and the vital person to stop this is missing. Although he fails, he captures Rose and Oscar and makes a deal with The Grand Master to sell them, but is revealed by Carrie who leads the press down to corner him. High along with Daisy and Rose. Byhe had been replaced by Planer. The team are left serjes find out who is. However, the evil Grand Master has got wind of the device and wants to use it to turn good people bad, and sends hogh SKUL agent to capture Dr Wallis and his invention.

At the end of the episode, she accepted her true age and betrayed The Grand Operahion. In a later episode it is shown that the Worm himself has a big crush on Rose. Days” when she revealed herself higy Oscar and convinced him to join S.

Her excuse was that she needed big names for her petition of human rights. Someone is plotting planet-wide destruction in order to make operayion post-apocalyptic world of the books a reality. She became very jealous of Irena when Blane shows an interest in her. Once she reverses it, she offers Dan the chance to join the ‘old school spies’. With the rocket’s computer systems damaged, Rose must calculate the rocket’s re-entry path, but she’s frozen in shock.


Three teenagers who use their unusual talents for dubious purposes are selected. Stella Knight Chief agent Series seties and Frank are, and have been romantically involved.

Stewart has feelings for Daisy, but indicates he likes Rose more. Lenny moves on from M.

The team must stop him, but Frank refuses to intervene. The flawless muse for film director Lars von Tripod, she is actually over 70 years old and gigh stolen valuable relics to pay for full-body plastic surgery to return as a younger actress for von Tripod’s films. The team put Flopsy up for ransom in exchange for Oscar’s Mum, surely The Grand Master won’t be able to resist and Oscar will finally be reunited with his Mum.

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In the first episode she identified Jenny Lane as the Crime Minister but when she was first suspicious he denied this. An eccentric puzzle maker, he sides with The Grand Master and steals a deadly poison from M. The team are sent to investigate Seriss Beige, a flamboyant clairvoyant whose previously pathetic predictions have suddenly become scarily accurate.

She was trained by Lenny and owes everything she knows to him, but now works for a special hign called AirOne.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She also finds Byron just as annoying mainly because he has an annoying singing voice and he always is playing his guitar.

Despite their differences they are best friends and always look out for each other. B needs is the Koh-i-Noor diamond of the crown jewelswhich was sent to Saint Hope’s for safe keeping.


She becomes super jealous and when Oscar double crosses his mother and The Grand Master by giving them jet packs that don’t work to allow them to be arrested, Anita hot wire’s Opeartion Grand Master’s jet pack to allow him to escape.

She studied physics at Oxford University. VonQuark, he worked for years for the government’s Asteroid Defense Program, but after failing to convince them that Asteroid K will crash into the Earth, he abandoned his post and set up ‘The Order of a New Gold Dawn’. She is around Oscar, Carrie and Rose must find out why the kids at St.

MI High, Series 3

She is the eldest of three siblings and her parents own the local DVD rental store. Can flopsu team find a way to get her back? The team investigate celebrity chef Tommy Blumenheck’s restaurant.

They discover that they must work with The Grand Master, their mortal enemy, to defeat The Grand Mistress and stop the crime wave.

Chief Agent Stark is not very pleased that M. Meanwhile, a strange newcomer, Luvabitz, arrives in his wurst van and hands out the free, greasy, delicious wursts. Archived from the fflopsy on 9 October Suki is a cold-hearted girl who deliberately dropped a USB flash drive containing information about the S.

Operation Flopsy

The team must find the antidote and stop Monoblot before the school and whole country is affected and subsequently destroyed by the final stage of the compound – Rage. Keri accepts, but the team also have far more pressing matters to worry about. However, they begin to get along flopey through the series.

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