Suddenly Aamir has a job, so she wants a mansion, a car, servants Mohit think that when Maha know about the project of Saad, then she will be surprised but Maha call to Mohit that I want to meet urgently, he says to her excuse but she did not agreed. This drama has infuriated me. Mohit go to Maha out of home for met according to their calling, where Maha says to Mohit that I am really love you and I want to merry with you rather than Saad. The bonding between Papa and Khurram this week was really sweet, actually. Subscribe to our channel for daily updates and watch daily full episode online ru-clip. But I do have to say that I made time to watch Kankar this week – beautiful episode and the preview for next week’s episode which I assume is the last left me very emotional.

Are you sure you want to perform this action? I was screaming by the end. The reaction was too quick. Qarz — Saqib Bhai and Bhabi are out of commission. His association with director Nikkhil Advani , composing music and songs for film Guddu Engineer and television series P. Mere Harjai Episode 6 — Drama Ary Digital Mere Harjai Serial drama is new add to Pakistani drama, now you can watch that episode 6 on here online, that drama is presented by ARY Digital on every Friday, there is very interesting story of that drama, you would be see the previous episode which that the mother of Mohit and Saad is going to Maheem home for the date fixed of marriage. Otherwise, this drama is nothing short of Ekta Kapoor nonsense. Sarmad and Sara moved away because Sarmad dislikes Paras and she moved back home and now his parents dote after Paras’ daughter.


Humrahi Mere Humrahi karaoke Abhishek Saha 5 years episodw. Obviously when I’m watching this many dramas, I’m enjoying some more than others. I’m not sure how else this can go. On the other hand, this week, I thought Rania would finally change and learn to love and appreciate Aamir Show All Channel results.

Arijit Singh Arjunna Harjaie. The first episode was very heavy.

When a little girl knows that her “Nazo” has been engaged to Aman all her life, how can she suddenly develop a crush on him?

The acting from all 4 main leads is commendable. Composed 1 song “Ankhiyaan” [14] [15] [7]. We’ll have to wait and watch to see where this story goes!

Mere Harjai By ARY Digital – Episode 6 Promo

Posted by Sophia Q at 8: Saad is very like to Maha, he want promoo surprise for Maha, he make the all porterage epispde Maha in front of her. Now Arham is married to his ideal life partner, while Shayk is stuck with horrible Narmeen.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It has been, overall, an enjoyable watching experience. How did she afford a car?! Let’s hope it continues on this path! She says to him that you have to refuse that marriage with Maheem but he says that I can not defeat with Maheem, Maha have to give some time for thinking that matter otherwise I am also refuse that relation with Saad.

Darmiyan — I feel like nothing is happening…. Only four episodes in, but it has kept me wanting more each week. Vipu Pandit Year ago.

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I was screaming by the end.

epiisode WHY am I watching this?! Qudsia tends to get annoying. Sheharyar married Rania, Paras found out she was expecting, Paras ALSO found out Sheharyar married Rania, Paras’s mother passed away, Paras left Sheharyar without telling him about his child, I presume and is now living with her daughter in her mother’s home.

The mystery of Khurram’s mother is stretching a little epsode now. It’s now on episode 23, so I’m dreading the nearing end. Bhabi mwre to keep Saqib on life support so he can come out of his coma. But I do have to say that I made time to watch Kankar this week – beautiful episode and the preview for next week’s episode which I assume is the last left me very emotional.

Mere Harjai – Episode 1 – 5th April 2013 – Promo 2

Tags Separate tags by comma, will be used for searching. The reaction was too quick. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These dramas had taken a turn for the unbearable epiwode I am officially unable to even attempt to watch these shows.

The most versatile singer India has ever produced, sang each song with such distinction, that left the listeners spellbound. Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private. The bonding between Episoee and Khurram this week was really sweet, actually.

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