It’s nice to see how much respect Khurram has for his father, even if he feels stifled by him. I felt nauseated watching her antics this week – a car? Qudsia tends to get annoying. The development of the relationships and the way other relationships have changed is so natural that I’m really loving every minute of this show. When on earth is Aiza going to stop being a jerk? YES, this is worse than Ashk! I apologize for my lack of posts this week. The acting from all 4 main leads is commendable.

Mere Hamrahi – Topic 3 years ago. Subscribe us for more entertainment: Special mention to Aly Khan for doing a great job as Rehbar. Let’s hope it continues on this path! Mere humrahi suno atif aslam Ashif mati ashif 7 years ago. Mere Humnawa Episode 16 Promo waseem iqbal 2 years ago. I dropped this drama. Faisal Bhai wants to take him off life support, so Aiza comes to the rescue.

The story isn’t fast-paced, but it’s so endearing and natural in all aspects – direction, chemistry, acting, story Alishba is a highly educated girl whose mother is greedy That aside, the show is still interesting.


I’m not looking forward to watching this. The first episode was very heavy. It’s now merre episode 23, so I’m dreading the nearing end.

The reaction was too quick. Masti Group-oh mere humrahi Naresh Brispat 4 years ago. I apologize for my lack of posts this week.

My Mondays are fairly slow with dramas, since only two of my shows air. Obviously when I’m watching this many dramas, I’m enjoying some more than others. Subscribe us for more entertainment: I think it’s time she makes her appearance. But I do have to say that I made time to watch Kankar this week – beautiful episode and the preview for next week’s episode which I assume is the last left me very emotional. Nothing has really happened!

Mere Harjai By ARY Digital Promo March watch online video ~ VU KINGZ

Mere humrahi suno atif aslam Ashif mati ashif 7 years ago. That said, the Ahsan-Aiza chemistry is adorable. We’ll have to wait and watch to see where this story haarjai

Dramas I’m Currently Watching: Posted by Sophia Q at 4: The mystery of Khurram’s mother is stretching a little thin now. Saturday, November 30, Absence.


Mere Harjai

It has been, overall, an enjoyable watching experience. I feel like I watch the same episode every single week for the last episodes.

How did she afford a car?! Humrahi mere humrahi Navneet raj 5 months ago.

Mere humrahi last episode youtube

Get Shayk divorced and throw that psycho Narmeen out! On the other end, does Rania ever learn? These questions are agonizing as a viewer, but it’s keeping me hooked! Monday, November 18, Just another Monday.

Mere Harjai Ep – 03 – video dailymotion

The storyline is interesting and it’ll be something to watch when the truth comes out. I feel terrible for Aamir and feel as though he’s going to find someone else in Dubai. The effortless transition across the Also, the storyline is not coming across as a strong one. Agha Ali Music By: Humrahi Mere Humrahi karaoke Abhishek Saha 5 years ago.

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