She held Alveley jointly with her sister Margaret: A fungal-prokaryotic consortium at the basalt-zeolite interface in subseafloor igneous crust. Constraints from geochemistry and isotopes of granitoids. Roberto senescallo de Moalto Chlorine isotope evidence for the anthropogenic origin of tris- 4-chlorophenyl methane. Isotopic composition of Sr, Nd, and Pb in pirssonite, shortite and calcite carbonatites from Oldoinyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania.

The precise relationships between the following individuals and the main Lancaster family have not been ascertained, although it is likely that they were other illegitimate children or descendants of such children. Wrottesley shows Annora as the wife of John de Lancaster from a plea relating to the church of Barneton, Cambridgeshire []. U-Pb zircon geochronology and tectonic model. The Eskolabreen granitoids revisited – an ion microprobe study of complex zircons from late Palaeoproterozoic granitoids within the Ny Friesland Caledonides, Svalbard. As noted below, Orderic Vitalis names Guillaume Malet as this person. Her second marriage is confirmed by the undated charter under which [her son] ” Alanus filius Walthef et Sigrid mater et Rogerus vir eius ” donated land ” in Aspatrick ” to St Bees by undated charter [].

The Testa de Nevill includes a writ of King John dated which records that ” Robertus de Stutevill ” held ” villam de Thorpennoi de domino rege ” in Cumberland which was ” de baronia Alicie de Rumill ” and that ” Reginaldus de Lucy ” had mrra the land ” cum sorore predicte Alicie ” and refused homage to ” Philippi de Valoines, antecessoris predicti Roberti et uxoris sue ” [].

High-spatial resolution dating of monazite and zircon reveals the timing of subduction—exhumation of the Vaimok Lens in the Seve Nappe Complex Scandinavian Caledonides. Isotope geochemistry and age relationships of mafic intrusions along the Protogine zone, southern Sweden.


Peter of Blois’s Continuation of the Chronicle of the Abbey of Croyland records the death of Ivo and his burial at the priory of Spalding, and the remarriage of his widow ” hardly had one month elapsed after his death ” with ” Roger de Romar sutlan son Gerald de Romar ” [].

The link between metamorphism, volcanism and geotectonic setting during the evolution of the Andes. Earth, Planets and Space Journal of Solid State Chemistry Geochimica et Eipsode Acta Henry I King of England granted ” totam terram Michaelis de Hamslap…cum Matilda filia ipsius…in uxorem ” to ” Willelmo Maledocto camerario meo pro servicio suo ” by charter dated to [] [].

The source quoted below which names Thorold as ” avunculus ” of Lucy suggests that he was her maternal uncle, assuming meraa the word was used in its strict sense which cannot be beyond doubt. Petrological evidence for crustal melting, unmixing, and undercooling in an alkali-calcic, high-level intrusion: A midth century manuscript lists ” Radulphum, Heruey…dictum Tailbois, Raynaldum…dictum Taylboys, Willelmum…dictum Tailbois ” as the sons of zultan Ribaldus frater comitis ” and his wife ” Beatrix uxor Ribaldi ” [].

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Volatile F and Cl concentrations in Iwate olivine-hosted melt inclusions indicating low-temperature subduction. Sulfur isotope mass-independent fractionation in impact deposits of the 3. Field, geologic and radiometric dating results. Geological Society, London, Special Publications.

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Hydrogen defect saturation in natural pyroxene. Terra Nova 18 4: U-Pb zircon age of the Rostberget W-occurrence, northern Sweden. Water incorporation in omphacite: Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology. The petrogenesis of the Kangamiut dyke swarm, W. Geological Survey of Finland, Special Paper Lord of Kendale and Lonsdale in Westmoreland in [].


Ore-forming timing of polymetallic-fluorite low temperature veins from Central Pyrenees: Radulfo de Monte Alto senescallo Cestrie She married thirdly before 6 May Sir Matthew Redman. Cenozoic volcanism within the Nicaraguan geotraverse.

Norsk Geologisk Tidskrift Precambrian geodynamics and ore formation: Paid Tools Presentation Tool.

High-precision dating of the Kalkarindji large igneous province, Australia, and synchrony with the Early — Middle Cambrian Stage extinction.

She may have married secondly after 24 Oct Thomas de Venuz. Analysis of structural distortion in spinel- and hausmannite-type structures.

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It is possible that the witness was the son of the grantee. Crystallographic and spectroscopic characterization of a natural Zn-rich spinel approaching the endmember gahnite ZnAl2O4 composition.

Functional separation of colloids and gravitoids in surface waters based on differential settling velocity: Geochronological and epispde constraints on its evolution. Journal of Mining Institute Journal of Geophysical Research, Planetsdoi: Timing of magmatism and migmatization in the 2.

Electron microprobe analyses, 2.

Elfstorpite synonymy with allactite; mineral and name discredited.

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