Retrieved April 1, Coop manages to save the S-Force from the “infinity zone,” which Coop, Jamie, Kiva, the S-Force, and Megas fall into, but survive the Infinity Zone after Coop helps everyone escape, but now Zarek is sending down an entire army to terminate them. Do not post links to copyrighted video content TV Episodes, Movies. In this case, it was a world filled with Lerps – elf-like creatures similar to The Smurfs , but they can breathe flowers and go angry when attacked. And why is this reality’s version of Jamie a buff, battle-hardened leader who has it out for Coop? What is My Phone Number. Kiva gets some unwanted attention from Captain Warlock , a space pirate who goes for red heads, and now must make a choice between a possible time drive or two complete idiots. Armed only with an age-old, feminine robot, Jamie “fights” the monster and defeats it the way Coop always does:

Add Image S2, Ep6. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Coop brings the treasure home and retools it to suit his modern-day slacker needs. Views Read Edit View history. When a group of attractive women from another planet come to Earth in hopes of getting Coop to come be their saviour, Jamie decides to take Coop’s place in hopes of tricking the girls into falling in love with him. When Coop designs a universal remote, a robotic alien, Skullgar, believes the remote to be a powerful tool to control the universe. Retrieved September 2,

Armed only with an age-old, feminine robot, Jamie “fights” the monster and defeats it the way Coop always does: Now he must protect the Yetis there from selfish, ice-hungry robots named the Cerilians, who use it to maintain their cooling systems.

See also TV Schedule. Discuss API on Discord. How to add photo or GIF from web: What should we add next? Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Or search on popular sources:. Coop now must prevent the plant from wrecking the holiday.

After a long and devastating battle that reduced the evil Coop’s army into mere junk, mirror Coop and mirror Kiva retreat into the Dimensional Xlt to return to his dimension. The episode ends with the more powerful fire monster about to attack their city. There he discovers the Glorft is plotting to smash the moon into the Earth. You can paste URL of the image inside your comment and it will be automatically converted into the image when reading the comment.


The only thing Coop is worried about, however, is babysitting cousin Skippy, who is easily bored and hates everything about Coop’s house. The series is created by Jody Schaeffer and George Krstic.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Unfortunately, Skippy doesn’t really care about anything Coop does, though when the Glorft show up with another plot to destroy the Earth, Coop and Skippy must work together to save the world and escape the Glorft’s wrath, though will Skippy change his opinion on Coop’s abilities?

Coop in the end destroying the cities power source causing the robot to deactivate. Megae in the end destroys the mind control device, freeing the robots. While out in space, Megas begins to get sucked towards an unknown ship and nothing Coop does can break free. They’re throwdowb there for entertainment, however – they want to eliminate Kiva’s ancestor, which in turn would cause Kiva to cease to exist, which in turn would mean Megas would stay with the Glorft and never reach Coop, which would in turn doom Earth into extinction.

Fortunately, Megas is too big for the plant to handle, so it has to find a bigger form. Coop crash-lands on an icy planet and ends up destroying its only mechanized guardian, who was a Cerilian gone rouge. Megas XLR season 2. However, when Coop decides to take Megas into Area 50, they discover that the military based was sealed off for a reason and they must do battle with a giant robot that plans to steal all the electricity that Las Vegas uses. Megas crashlands on an alien planet and is challenged by another giant robot.

Coop now must prevent the plant from wrecking the holiday. Coop manages to beat the robots, but inadvertently challenges the entire galaxy to fight him – and the galaxy takes him up on the offer.

Coop then typically destroys all of Jersey City again55 to recover the remote. When Coop is stuck babysitting his cousin Skippy, he tries to earn his admiration by showing him Megas.

As soon as the mirror leaders entered the Dimensional Gate, Coop orders alternate Jamie Who remained in evil Coop’s stronghold to destroy the Gate, trapping Evil Coop and Evil Kiva stuck between worlds forever, never to cause annihilation of any dimension again. Coop inadvertently frees the Glorft from no-space, allowing Gorrath to start his revenge.


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Coop accidentally activates a destructive energy-leech robot, who, due to severe and fatal programming errors, sees everything as “the enemy. Juno Lee and Rick Del Carmen. The series revolves around two slackers, mechanic Coop and his best friend Jamie, who find a mecha robot from the future called Megas in a New Jersey Junkyard, and together with Megas’s original pilot Kiva, they must defend Earth from the evil throwdkwn race called “the Glorft”.

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Share them privately if needed. While Coop does everything he can in order to try to save the staggering S-Force, Jamie does everything he can in order to impress Duchess in hopes of getting a date.

Top 5 Cartoon Network Originals”. Coop’s confident that he can use Megas to get down to the rental store in no time, but when Magnanimous announces that anybody who manages throwdowj defeat Megas will become the new champion, countless enemies show up in hopes of taking Coop down.

Once again, Coop mistakenly releases a giant, plant-type alien menace that wants to destroy Earth and acquire its heat. However, Magnanimous appears and challenges Coop to protect his title against several robots, including one resembling Mr.

The “gift” that Zarek offers Coop, Jamie and Kiva is an end to their lives, whereas the “gifts” Coop tries to give Zarek, but almost destroys the S-Force with, is actually thousands of missiles being fired at Zarek, due to the new Super Destructor Mode.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Trouble is, Megas epislde iced over, and does some of the Cerilian Army’s work for them.

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Zeke Kamm and George Krstic. Fortunately, Megas is too big for the plant to handle, so it has to find a bigger form. Retrieved September 1, Articles with a promotional tone from May All articles with a promotional tone Wikipedia throqdown with style issues from May All articles with style issues.

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