Which of these following do not move in groups? How many black square are presented in a standard chess board? As she was victorious, the place came to be known as Vijayawada, the epic Mahabharata refers to the Indrakiladri hills as the place where Arjuna secured Pashupatastra from Lord Shiva. Which of the following air services is under the control of government of India? By June ,Who among the following is the highest wicket taker of India in test cricket? Charmi, If you were Nagarjuna, with which of the following directors would you act your th movie? But it was supreme in those days.

I wish all the best to Mr. And she has come up with correct answer. What happened to this episode? The historical fiction Telugu film Magadheera marked a point in her career. If any contestants are visually impaired, the host reads the question and four choices all at once, main game contestants are asked increasingly difficult general knowledge questions by the host. Biyyam Rice Here, Mrs.

According to RBI instructions in January, The currency notes made before this year of the following are 455 back. She later studied at Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature and she was first trained as a child by her mother in Kathak and Rajasthani folk dance, and later trained in Kathak style by Shovana Narayan.

She felt quite confused.

Who was the first Indian to win the Oscar award? This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Xeason variants have aired in around countries worldwide, the shows format is a twist on the game show genre—only one contestant plays at a time, and the emphasis is on suspense rather than speed. Trendset Mall near Benz Circle. Kajal really made the day of Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu in its 31st episode on 27 July Subbalakshmi has reached first safe point.


Sravya Lakshmi from Visakhapatnam who has already won Rs.

How many wheels are there for a standard auto-riksha? Which one is not the part of Panchabhottalu? What happened to this episode?

One should respect it. Which of the following is an eye disease? Which of these museums is located in hyderabad? Clockwise from top left: Audio Clip Song from Badrinath Who singer wrote this song? Which of following zodiac signs does not resemble animal? Homi J Baba d. Though he talked several logics about princely states, he did not involve in the answer which he was quite unsure or doubtful.

Lets wish all the best to Mr. But to the tragedy, he quit with Rs. He is inspiration to her. Chennai he took phone a friend life line.

Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Ali & Anasuya Episode

Which of the following is the governing bodies of cricket in India? Where was Gandhi born? How do we better know Edvige Antonia Albina Maino? It ranks among the highest-grossing Telugu films of all time and fetched her Best Actress nominations at award ceremonies including Filmfare. Epispde Keep visiting for the rest of the questions and answers. Not all the times intelligence is correct.


However All the best to the rest of the contestants who are going meeol play FFF in the next episode.

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Which of the following categories is not awarded Noble Prize? Duryodhana She used her another life line phone a friend here and successfully moved ahead.

Sai Manogna used her second life line meeelo and successfully moved ahead. Which of the following pieces in chess is only one with each player? What is R stand for in MRP on the things that we purchase? According to Hindu mythologies, Who cursed Paduraju that he would istantly if he ever touch woman? She also gained acclaim for her role in the Bollywood film Awarapan.

Keith Strachan Matthew Strachan. In she made her film debut as the protagonist of the independent Bengali drama Bhalo Theko.

Bandipur National Park This contestant just believes her luck and blindly following and winning and moving ahead.

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