The other thing was that their case has a documented connection with the Pope, so it takes it all the way to the top. The thing that made me want to do it was that we had those connections. He was a personal connection. It would be more visceral and emotion, if we had somebody that was talking. So, to reject the institution, in some way, is almost to reject who you are. Signout Register Sign in.

The Catholic Church, in terms of its school and in terms of its work with the poor, is doing good work. But as a filmmaker, what intrigued me about the story was penetrating the world of the deaf, particularly in the time and place in which it occurs. He was the Archbishop of Milwaukee, but he also knew Ratzinger. I went with voiceover because I felt it would be more emotional and I didn’t want anybody to distracted by the beauty of the sign language, which I think is like a kind of animated film within a film. Silence in the House of God is in cinemas March That makes them heroes to me. That was the interesting part, to me. I thought, ‘Who gives a shit about the story?

I guess what we do evolves organically. Also, we felt that we wanted people to look at their faces and hands, instead of looking at subtitles. It broke such new ground and broke mazima of the old standard ‘TV news’ documentary rules.

I wanted you to feel their characters. These guys are heroes.


One reason was technical. The Church must be all-powerful. They, themselves, had to go through a process where, for a long time, just talking about this stuff felt shameful, particularly for Terry.

His latest, Mea Maxima Culpa: He’s exposed the masterminds behind the global monetary collapse Enron: The funny thing about being Catholic, and I was raised Catholic, is that you identify with the Church, just as part of your character. Who are the filmmakers and artists who have influenced you? The Catholic Church, in terms of its school and in terms of its work with the poor, is doing good work. One was the fact that these guys were heroes. What kind of moral message does that send? Show us how we can support the school directly without supporting your cover-up of predator priests.


In addition, the film also spotlights similar sex abuse cases in Ireland and Italy, and shows the extent of the cover-up to protect the Catholic Church. That was the big problem.

Can you ever envision a day when the full library of Vatican records on paedophile priests and other sex offenders amongst the clergy is revealed? But, it was weird for the deaf guys. The multi-camera technique you employ immeasurably adds to the conveying of the language of the deaf.

You’d think an institution dedicated to charity and love would be able to demonstrate silenec to the world.

You discover these horrors within institutions because goc find ways of hiding in plain sight. I have a film about Wikileaks called We Steal Secrets: So you hear their grunts and their slaps, and you see them voicing the words and blowing out their breaths.

That really impressed me. Previous Next Hide Grid. But unfortunately, The Vatican appears to be run houes rather venal men, who care more about power than God. It would be more visceral and emotion, if we had somebody that was talking.

Mea maxima culpa silence in the house of god subtitles download

They may have been the patient zero case that was the first public protest that we could figure out. I was struck by the expressiveness of huse language and the way that they visually expressed the powerful unleashing of their emotions, in terms of getting it out. I think everybody is going to be angry at that one. Do you have a goal or plan for your production company, Jigsaw Productions, and the type of work you want to do?

There was a big debate in the cutting room about whether or not we should use subtitles, rather than have voice-over. The film chronicles the labyrinthine cover-up of vast sexual abuse in the Catholic Church from the point of view of a group of middle-aged deaf subtitls who, as young boys, were molested over several years while in the care of Church-administered institution in Milwaukee in the s.


Was what stayed in and what went out particularly tough with Mea Maxima Culpa?

Mea maxima culpa silence in the house of god subtitles download

The Story of Wikileaks. So we picked actors and voices that were of various ages and timbers so that they would be distinct. But, the problem we always had in the cutting room was finding that right balance and making sure the narrative moves organically, out of that and to the bigger story, and that the two end up reinforcing each other.

You just have to go forward and do the best you can, but it keeps me up at night. I imagine such a revelation would all but destroy the Church. I wanted the actors to not just read the translated words but to inhabit their characters also. At the heart of the documentary is a small group of courageous deaf men — Terry KohutGary SmithArthur Budzinski and Bob Bolger — who set out to expose the priest who had abused them and sought to protect other children.

You have to keep looking for stuff to cut so, yeah, you usually end up cutting great stuff. How aware were you of the extent of the deceit and cover-up that leaves a trail from Milwaukee to Vatican City in your film?

We were very careful in terms of our translations. They were the elements that took me to places that I’d never been before as a filmmaker and were most powerful for me.

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