This month’s FMA was just epic as well, she has constantly been one upping herself. I am also surprised that the writer for this ep is Narita. Urusei Yatsura second movie- Beautiful Dreamer. Well, it’s pretty much real life. My favs were Trigun and Code Geass though. One thing I will point out is that I’m horrendously slow when it comes to watching anime online I only saw 4 episodes of Baccano!

I love the overal concept of the manga and the art is awesome! Currently reading Chrono Crusade, next one Keroro Gunsou. However, if the others don’t come in by the tenth, I might just have to. It can sometimes go overboard, but it’s still good. I’m watching naruto every week, and I just finished rereading Azumanga Daioh for the third time. Interestingly enough, this is perhaps the best of this series.

In any case, only shows I’m watching this season are Durarara!! Not familiar with it, but I watched a few episodes some months ago. Take a look at this picture: I am sorry that I could episodf really help you there.

Enylish saw the first volume at a local bookstore two weeks ago, but I wanted to watch the anime first. And then there’s Jigoku Shoujo’s first season ,ayoi, Sakasama no Chou http: I don’t find myself itching to start the next episode like I did in the past, simply because I’m not greeted with an amazingly and wonderfully over-the-top energizer.

The pros outweigh the cons however, so I’m planning on seeing this through to the end. Although those two have nothing in common, they are both absolutely wonderful. I finished the first arc yesterday, so I have 6 volumes in my possession to go right now. This is what now?


The BGM, as robot anime promise, will be opening song! Something more upbeat finally? Speaking of crying over things, I can’t believe I forgot to mention Clannad After Story’s opening http: Why are you even posting in here. There are many websites that offer free English dubbed anime. It’s the whole reason I’m back into watching anime at ALL anymore!

Well, I just finished watching Highschool of the Dead. Hot-blood, Full Accuracy Right: OP Bakemonogatari – Maayoi Stable http: I was thinking of watching Hetalia, but since it’s licensed and all now, it’s been removed from most places.

Smile Precure Robot Ultra Happy Review

Luke finally got his own theme and it sounds really awesome. It was pretty good. And finally, on the final episode’s version, instead of showing up one by one, everyone’s already there at the beginning, and the reverse happens.

UH will die in first ep! Seriously, this show didn’t seem to mayi able to make up its mind whether it wanted to be a serious drama or a total comedy. Saw the first ep.

Watch full Mayoi Neko Overrun ep 8 english sub | kissanime

Those are just a few nkeo the ones that came to mind first Because it varies so much that there’s really something for everyone, if you’d actually bother to look instead of mxyoi it’s all the same and it’s all crap. It has a very interesting story, and a truly beautiful opening http: I agree, the art style of the Layton series is very unique.


Also does anyone know of any good manga sites, the one I’m curently using has pages missing from there archives. Wow this is really flame-bait-y. Due to the ebglish she dresses haruhi is mistaken 4 a boy and after braking a vase that cost 2 million yen or something really pricey like that She is unvolintarly joins a host club That entertains the schools girls.

Close-ups of her panties, breasts, and adorable sleeping face are also included. But that’s already asking for too much.

His villain is Warubuter! Both sites have an extensive library of content … to choose from. The omakes at the end, too.

I only have one thing to say: Goku in a suit and tie lol.

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